WV Legislature Creates Powerful Pro-Pot Lobbying Cartel – Integrated

The WV Legislature just made another terrible decision that we knew was coming the moment Delegate Michael Folk led a rebellion in 2017 to get around the Speaker of the House Tim Armstead’s opposition to legalizing pot. Now the Republican-controlled legislature has helped to set up a pro-recreational pot lobbying cartel in WV that will then spend masses of $ to have them removed. #FootShooters.

In a special session last week, the restrictions put into place in 2017 to prevent that powerful pro-pot lobbying cartel in West Virginia were removed. There are passionate Republican proponents for “medical pot” but they are all fundamentally wrong. Selling a societal pariah in the name of helping an isolated case where other options of treatment are readily available is shamefully myopic.

If you want evidence of the devastation of this pro-“medical” pot just call Colorado. Denver has seen a 1000% increase in the numbers of teen and young adult schizophrenia related to marijuana use since they made it legal. Calling pot medicine and then legalizing it has opened the door to its abuse, its use for recreational legalization and a calamity for every state that has gone down this dark road. We have helped fight these legalization efforts state by state against the same wrongheaded, emotional arguments, “If it will help just one child, then I’m ‘fer’ it.”

Legalizing pot in any form condemns tens of thousands of children. Their exposure to a readily-accessible, life-destructive intoxicant that’s proven to be a gateway to opioids, can never be justified by a rare case of medical improvement attributed to CBD oil. NEVER!