State Office Candidate Gets Caught With Strippers and Doing Meth One Day Before Primary! New’s @ 11:00

If That’s the Headline on May 9th But You’ve Already Voted Early..Too Bad

The Family Policy Council recommends that no one vote early for the very possibility above. Our headline isn’t all that unrealistic. Consider that the West Virginia state senate is currently controlled by the republicans because just prior to the last election democratic candidate Doug Skaff was arrested for a DUI. That paved the way for an upset win by his opponent and now the republicans hold a tenuous one vote majority in the senate. Many bills passed this past session by that one vote. What if that candidate’s public arrest had happened on election eve but you’d already cast your vote for him two weeks earlier?!

What if you vote early this election and then learn that on election eve democratic candidate for governor, Jim Justice, is seen riding in a hot air balloon flying over Lewisburg dumping buckets of hundred dollar bills to the Lewisburgians down below. Each has a note that says VOTE FOR JUSTICE and there’s more where this came from!? (That’s illegal by the way lest any of you first-time candidates think it’s a good idea.)

Don’t vote early. Please. You owe it to yourself and all of us to make an informed vote. Wait for all the information that’s available to you. Ask questions, read comparisons interview the candidates yourself. They all have a phone listed HERE. Then and only then vote on primary election day May 10th.

For example imagine how bad you’d feel if the day before the primary you learned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael had led the fight for and voted five times this session, to endorse city ordinances that allow men to enter women’s bathrooms and teenage girls’ locker rooms? But unfortunately you had already voted for him early. If you had only known that he had repeatedly betrayed West Virginians of faith you might have instead voted for his primary opponent who staunchly opposes allowing men into those private facilities.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about learning that information last minute and making that mistake. Senator Carmichael committed those acts of betrayal against West Virginians of faith weeks ago during the session and I’ve detailed those below so you are informed in advance of the upcoming election.

Primary’s are May 10th.

Senator Carmichael’s votes of betrayal against people of faith are undeniable. Yet he has repeatedly denied that he’s voted to allow men into ladies’ rooms. That denial is much like a man who says the Bible doesn’t say it’s bad to look at porn on your computer. Nope nowhere in the Bible can you find the words computer or porn so the Bible doesn’t forbid it right? Carmichael claims since the legislation didn’t contain the words “bathrooms” or “doesn’t change state code concerning sexual predators” then his votes don’t count. But his five session votes all endorsed city ordinances that create a legal cause of action by the government against a Christian who openly denies a male access to the ladies room! How does that not count?

Please follow as I explain the ordinances and why there can be no credible denial that a vote to support an anti-discrimination ordinance that includes sexual orientation, sexual identity and non-conforming gender expression isn’t most certainly a vote to allow men in ladies’ rooms and girls’ locker rooms.

The Source of the Problem

Nine of West Virginia’s left-leaning and renegade city councils have been doing the local dirty work for a national homosexual activist group called the Human Right’s Campaign. These nine cities, all controlled by democrats, have forced upon their citizens new ordinances authored by that same national group, the Human Right’s Campaign. They promote and protect, under penalty of lawsuits, the “right” for males identifying as females to enter, use, expose themselves, shower and observe and just be one of the “girls” in restrooms and locker rooms.

These liberal-controlled cities have done so in the name of non-discrimination. They claim these ordinances protect those who self-identify as transgendered, i.e. biological males identifying as females and vice versa. However these ordinances require zero proof of someone’s sexual behavior or appearance. They are designed as a hammer to smash any dissent of public homosexual behavior.

They are designed broadly by the Human Right’s Campaign to target people of faith who respect womens’ and girls’ privacy as well as public safety and for goodness sakes… common sense. But under these ordinances anyone attempting to prevent a biological male from entering those public facilities is subject to lawsuits. These ordinances also open the door to sexual child predators and other sexual deviants posing as “trans.” Merely claiming they are gender confused is enough to allow them entry to womens’ and girls’ private areas. Even most moderate, clear-thinking Democrat women don’t want a man in their little girl’s bathroom at school.

However nine and counting West Virginia city councils, some vulgarly belligerent towards Christians, some with mayors who have cursed at pastors who’ve paid friendly visits, now demand a male’s “right” to shower with females in a public facility including junior high school locker rooms. (Parkersburg is considering it even as you read this email.) If a male self-identifies as trans and is stopped from entering the girl’s showers, or even if “he/she/other” simply claims “he/she/other” was made to feel embarrassed, then “he/she/other” can sue for a violation of “his/her/other’s” “civil rights.”

FYI: If you are found in violation of someone’s civil rights that’s not a fine… you go to prison for that. Huntington citizens live under the oppression of one of these ordinances. Just read about the young Marshall University football player who made a drunken mistake last year by physically expressing his disapproval of two males kissing in Huntington. He’s being tried for a hate crime that could get him 20 years in prison for throwing a punch. No one was injured. But unfortunately during his punch he used the word fag. Twenty Years! he could get 20 years in prison for what should have been an arrest, a fine and some alcohol and anti-agression counseling.

These ordinances are a disaster for the public safety of women and girls when they are at their most vulnerable and are an abandonment of decency for 97% of the world’s population. All planned. All on purpose to attack the church and primarily Christian business owners who object. Oh and if you accidentally fail to properly use these “victim’s” preferred pronoun i.e. “his/her/other” then some of these ordinances in other U.S. cities can fine you up to $250,000 for that act of “aggression.”

These mainly democrat-led rogue city councils and their broadly-written ordinances championing sexual orientation, sexual identity and sexual expression have been causing controversy all over the country. One recently was forced onto the city of Houston by a lesbian mayor but since the people in Texas have the right to vote on such ordinances they overturned it in a landslide.

(West Virginia law doesn’t yet allow citizen-driven ballot initiatives! It should be a top priority in 2017!) Sadly more of these ordinances are planned for Wheeling, Beckley, Hurricane, Point Pleasant and Winfield. Some of these are in Senator Carmichael’s district.

Charlotte, North Carolina passed one of these over-reaching ordinances recently but the brave legislature quickly passed a state-wide law that banned these ordinances. And now musicians like Cindi Lauper and Pearl Jam are canceling concerts in the state. Other corporate bullies that hypocritically don’t follow gender-neutral bathroom policies themselves are threatening to leave because the faithful leaders in North Carolina stood strong.

Concerning those artists and corporate bullies, the official position of the Family Policy Council in North Carolina and our’s as well is:

Don’t let the doorknob hit ya on the way out of the state. If you don’t respect the common sense values of decency and safety held by our state’s citizens then you don’t deserve to make a penny off of their labor.

In 2015 a West Virginia House committee passed a similar bill that would have banned the creation of new protected classes of people including those encompassed by sexual expression ordinances. Right now Christians in Martinsburg, Lewisburg, Harpers Ferry, Sutton, Huntington, Charleston, Charles Town and even tiny Thurmond, West Virginia wouldn’t be living under the threat of unjust government punishment simply for living out their religious beliefs.

But Senator Carmichael gave a passioned interview to the Gazette after the House passed the bill on first reading on the floor. He said, “the senate has no appetite for ever taking up a bill that would take away gay rights…” With that obvious lack of support from the senate majority leader our West Virginia bill that would have stopped this madness, was stopped in the house.

Senator Carmichael took an even more damaging course of action in the 2016 session during the votes on the West Virginia Religious Freedom Act.

He made multiple commitments to multiple people privately that the bill would pass. But when he could postpone the bill no longer, he not only attempted to kill the bill but on five consecutive votes he re-affirmed these rogue cities’ right to allow males to enter ladies’s rooms and locker rooms. The final version he helped to create would have been a religious freedom-killing monster of a law. So of our national legal experts tell us it would have been the worst law in America for damaging religious expression.

Why abandon the majority of West Virginia’s voters? He did so in the name of progressive non-discrimination ideals that “protect” the feelings of dudes in dresses. That is the philosophy of the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party of which the senator is a member! The Republican Party has as part of it’s national platform the support of religious liberty, especially the RFRA bills that have now passed in 21 other states.

Republican Primary day is May 10th.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia and other faith-based groups have been publicly announcing these votes by Carmichael as well as the damaging votes by others running for reelection. But now some republican state senators and republican candidates for senate have made us the target of public and private threats and public attacks. They’ve grown used to democrat political organizations engaging in their elections. But they find it seemingly too much to bear when a pro-faith, pro-family, pro-freedom group points out that their campaign slogans and promises are not even close to matching their voting record.

One of the most difficult elements of any relationship is accountability. No healthy parent enjoys when they must discipline their child. But when warnings go unheeded then to fail to discipline is a lack of love and bad parenting. When a long-time friend starts to drink too much we are forced to take his keys, for his good and for ours.

We’ve had more than a dozen opportunities to interact with Senator Carmichael and each time we were told what we wanted to hear. “We are gonna pass this.” Then the votes he made were 180 degrees from that statement. He voted against religious freedom protections for Christians under attack from the state.  And even more egregious were his efforts to sway other senators to enrich and embolden those attacking Christians. The Family Policy Council’s board of directors as well as myself have deemed the senator’s actions a bridge too far and do not believe support is any longer prudent. 

We are nonpartisan. We are unwavering. We represent the faithful of West Virginia. We will speak truth in love.
We are not alone. Multiple Christian organizations have publicly come out with similar positions. Groups are actively engaging in the political process and recommending that voters choose another candidate in the 4th senatorial district. Those votes against the Religious Freedom bill are so appalling to most Christians in West Virginia, that earlier this week a faith-based women’s group out of the eastern panhandle named Concerned Women for America, West Virginia Chapter, released to the press a copy of a Freedom of Information Act request they sent to Senator Carmichael’s office.

The information request cited West Virginia law that requires full disclosure of records detailing his relationship with homosexual activist groups like Fairness West Virginia and Opportunity West Virginia. The Concerned Women for America press release and FOIA request to Senator Carmichael’s office were specifically related to the coordinated attacks on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act this past session. You can view that complete press release and information request on the leader’s Facebook HERE. We have reposted another link to that FOIA request HERE. But below is an excerpt:

Mrs. DeHaven said, “Because government’s first and primary job is public safety and last session’s proposed Religious Freedom Act would have restored some common sense protections. I was appalled that Senator Carmichael led the fight to reinforce those bathroom dangers. So today, I requested documentation, so that myself and other concerned West Virginia women may learn what kinds of interactions the senator has had with activist groups that are more concerned with their own political movement than they are with public safety.

The Family Policy Council will be interested to see what documents of meetings and strategy planning exist that detail Senator Carmichael’s votes against the Religious Freedom bill. By law a public official has five business days to respond to such Freedom of Information Act requests.

Carmichael voted to destroy the protections contained within the house version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He then urged other senators to join him in getting on record in voting for the outrageous senate version that instead protects city ordinances allowing men to enter ladies’ rooms.

The betrayal on that vote netted six additional republican senate caucus members who followed their majority leader. Their abandonment of the religious freedom protections caught many of their constituents by surprise. But our lobbyists had suspected for more than a year they were being misled by Senator Carmichael and other senate leadership about the senate caucus’ support for religious freedom.

Now all citizens can see the expose’ of that faux-support and the cringeworthy votes against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Voters can see the votes on record in support of state totalatarianism and the ongoing effort to crush dissenting views of Christians on human sexuality that have been the norm since Adam and Eve.

The four steps to killing the bill that Senator Carmichael followed:

Step 1. Gut the bill of the religious protections by voting against the House version

(March 1 Roll Call Vote #258)

Step 2. Fill the bill with poison by giving sexuality ordinances a trump card over Christian objections 

(March 1 Roll Call Vote #259)

Step 3. Sway 6 others to vote on record for the “improved” version for election cover  (March 2 Roll Call Vote #288)

Step 4. Now wait for the Christian supporters of the bill and most Democrats to vote against it so it dies. (March 2 Roll Call Vote #288)

Primary day is May 10th.
Senator Carmichael’s ambitions are significant. In addition to being a Vice President for Frontier Communications and currently the Senate Majority Leader, he hopes to be reelected and he is also planning to become President of the West Virginia Senate. In that powerful roll he would shepherd the republican caucus away from discriminatory bills like RFRA as he said last week, “we dodged a bullet” April, Charleston Gazette-Mail news story. But his ambitions are clearly out of touch with his constituents.

Primary day is May 10th!

A scientific poll measuring WV voter support of the RFRA bill was done on February 28 – 29 and it included a sample of 403 likely West Virginia voters which is a large poll sample for the mountain state.

It determined that 93% of them believe people should be able to live and work according to their faith. Then 75% of them said they were more likely to support a candidate who protects religious freedom. Yet he along with six key West Virginia Republican senators, half up for election on May 10th, ignored the copy of that poll laying on their senate desks and voted against it.

Instead of listening to their own district constituents those six Republicans teamed with Democratic senators and homosexual activists to betray the will of 93% of their voters.
Primary day is May 10th.

If you are sick and tired of politicians telling you one thing but then siding against you when it counts, politicians who tell us they are with us when they run for office but then abandon us in the face of pressure, please vote them out.

Primary day is May 10th.

Disingenuous public servants must be confronted and defeated or they will wreak havoc on those they serve. Groups like the Family Policy Council of West Virginia are fighting the LGBT armies and extremists, including challenging their corporate allies and the politicians who succumb to their pressure.

Please rise up and stand with us in this fight today. We are in need of funds and volunteers to work between now and the primary elections on May 10th. We all must work to replace some West Virginia senators and delegates in both parties who have betrayed us all. We will do so even in the face of threats and slander. It’s time to act. Will you join us?

We are going to continue to tell people which candidates give us all the best chance of protecting religious freedom. If you want to help us then donate below specifically to THE FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL 501-C4. These gifts are NOT tax-deductible.

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Allen Whitt
President, The Family Policy Council