Woman Fights Off Man From Entering Women’s Bathroom Stall to Get to 13-Yr-Old Girl

Thanks to the Family Policy Council of West Virginia 13-yr-old girls and women can still fight off creeps like this one in Parkersburg, Fairmont, and Beckley. Many other cities have contacted us and told us that “such foolishness” like allowing men into ladies’ rooms, will never be allowed in their cities either.

We fought and helped #KeepFairmontSafe, a group of concern citizens in Fairmont, to suspend their dangerous ordinance last fall. And this November the citizens will be able to vote to kill off this dangerous ordinance once and for all.

When this guy 👎🏻 or any other biological male enters a ladies room in these cities every female inside would immediately know that he doesn’t belong. Some radical city councils in West Virginia like Huntington, Morgantown, Charleston, Sutton, Shepherdstown, Wheeling, Charles Town, Martinsburg, Harpers Ferry and Lewisburg legally allow

males to enter women’s bathroom stalls and even shower stalls and women’s locker rooms.

In those cities this guy and others just like him can waltz right in and a little girl or grandmother could be punished by the city if she reports him. You know, because the city want’s to “protect” transgendered persons from being embarrassed. If a female draws attention to a male, no matter if he’s dressed just like a man, in those intimate spaces where women are sometimes unclothed, then those women or the business owner, could be fined for “discriminating” against him.

The Family Policy Council is the only lobbying group in West Virginia fighting the dangerous sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances that pro-homosexual groups are sneaking into our cities.

Will you join us and volunteer to get the word out to other city council members to stay away from these unconstitutional laws? Or maybe you could help fund our efforts by making a donation online?


Be a pillar of protection for someone else’s little girl? www.FamilyPolicyWV.com/Donate