Manchin Waited Till It Was Over Then Said Buddy I Was Always With Ya

It all comes down to a final vote on Saturday October 6th. West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is about 8% ahead in the latest polling to defend his senate seat. But he can read and he saw what just happened to North Dakota Senator Heidi Heidkamp when she announce she was a No vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She plummeted in the polls by 9% and is now surely a dead duck. Her seat will become red in January. 🚨 Updated Link: Click Here

The will of West Virginians was that Donald J. Trump should be President and his nominees to the Supreme Court should be confirmed. What will Senator Manchin do? Hundreds of thousands of calls from ACLU supporters are pouring into his office telling him to stick it to the President.

Will he join Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and betray America? If he does, his lead in his senate race will disappear and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey will be our next West Virginia senator. You can call Senator Manchin here to tell him not to betray West Virginia: (202) 224-3954