Prevent Joe Manchin from Holding America Hostage Ever Again

…good candidates like Patrick Morrisey and bad candidates like Joe Manchin.

2018 West Virginia Voter Guide

Who Should Christians Vote For? ✅

By: Allen Whitt, President-Family Policy Council of West Virginia —

Oct. 26 Washington D.C. – As a policy influencer I don’t approach how I vote the same way I did before I got into politics seven years ago. My thinking has changed because now I know too much about just how very divided America is. And my approach to voting is impacted by how limiting the legislative process is in light of that sad division.

Senator Joe Manchin Waiting for Senator Susan Collins to Make Her Kavanaugh Vote Public Before Committing to Confirm Him. –Photo credit: Allen Whitt

I still passionately back the best person to defend faith, family and freedom but once a candidate is elected they quickly learn what all veteran lobbyists and incumbents know. They learn that because America and therefore the Congress is so divided, that they will be helpless to impact 90% of what’s important to them.

All that work and campaign money and public scorn in this toxic environment, and for what?

So many get to Washington, discover this disappointing reality and become stoic. Then they just settle into trying to do what little they can and make sure they keep getting reelected.

The thinking of most legislators and congressmen winds up going all over the place. They don’t apply their worldview very consistently. – Allen Whitt

But the process is all we have. And the left is better at it than the conservative right is.

As one of a thousand things Christians do, we proclaim to our constituency, the multiple policy differences between good candidates like Patrick Morrisey and bad candidates like Joe Manchin. The left does one thing: Fight the conservative, good candidates.

Moderate-sounding but left-leaning Democrats like Joe Manchin will hold America hostage.

But for many West Virginians, there is only one issue that matters regardless of Democrat or Republican affiliations. It’s more jobs, or pro-life, or coal, or don’t take my guns, or opioids, or don’t take my medicine, or pre-existing conditions. For average folks it’s a single-issue that drives them to the polls.

For me, before I became a lobbyist, I focused on the life/abortion issue. I felt that if a candidate didn’t respect a person’s right to breathe, then that indicated a worldview of consistently poor judgments on other policy issues.

The left believes the same thing about a candidate’s position of protecting Planned Parenthood’s right to kill the unborn.

Why ‘Single-Issue’ Voting Can Trip You Up

Then, after I had been through a few legislative sessions, I realized that the thinking of most legislators winds up going all over the place. They don’t apply their worldview very consistently. Consequently, I realized that I could no longer assume a single-issue vote was a window into a candidate’s thinking and worldview. Now every issue, every bill! needs activism to guide the outcome.

The life issue is still very important to me, but at this point, there are a number of other issues that reflect a legislator’s view of what it means to be human. A candidate must publicly share each of those to receive an endorsement from me personally and from the Family Policy Council.

We try to explain why the many complex issues like; life, the defense of traditional marriage, religious freedom, parental school choice rights and personal integrity, all should be considered, especially when deciding which candidate to vote for.

Why ‘Single-Issue’ Voting Is Ok for This West Virginia U.S. Senate Race

But, because of the deep divide in America, the U.S. Senate race on November 6th can be simplified. Regardless of your policy views about taxes, guns, health care, life/abortion, immigration, or border security, there is only one issue to consider when it comes to deciding whether to vote for Attorney General Patrick Morrisey or Senator Joe Manchin.

The one simple reason to vote for Morrisey: Even if the life-defending Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate, they will have a dangerously slim majority and Manchin will take hostages to exploit his political agenda.

With only a two or three vote majority, the left-leaning Republicans or moderate-sounding but left-leaning Democrats, like Joe Manchin, will hold America hostage. We just saw it with Manchin and three Senate Republicans with the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation. Senator Manchin refused to support the President’s nominee until after the decision was already decided. He would have killed the nomination if he had been the deciding vote. He will kill the next one if he’s reelected because it won’t benefit him politically.

Well Allen, Joe is West Virginia, he’ll work with both sides, he’s conservative too, don’t be so hard on him. He’s a family guy.

Don’t try to peddle that rubbish here! He lied to our face at the Family Policy Council and told us he would allow a vote to defend traditional marriage. He straight up lied to our face!

And on new legislation to address opioids or any other topic, the arcane procedural rule that allows 40 of the 100 U.S. senators, to prevent the majority party in the Senate from acting on legislation, renders any campaign promise mute. Ignore those ads.

All of the legislative issues that really divide the two parties are basically irrelevant when it comes to the Senate. The whole Senate won’t even get to vote on them because of that 60-vote cloture rule.

That’s not to say that the 60-vote cloture rule can’t be abandoned, but I don’t see either party doing so. That rule protects too many senators in each party from being routinely forced into making a public vote on record. That would expose their real views on legislation that makes them vulnerable at election time. The rule allows both parties to protect vulnerable incumbents.

What Is the ‘One Issue’ in This Race?

But, since the 60-vote cloture rule has been removed from the confirmation of federal judges, it’s the one issue on which a bare majority of the Senate can force an up or down floor vote. President Trump will potentially get to nominate one or two more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. They are appointed for life, maybe another 50 years. That is THE issue to decide your vote on.

If you don’t think that issue matters, particularly when it comes to judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, then you haven’t been paying attention.

You may be one of those people who still thinks the separation of powers doctrine you were taught in eighth-grade civics class prevents federal judges from making law and effectively rewriting state or federal statutes to “enact” new policies. If so, then think again.

Today, too many federal judges apply that doctrine only when they want it to apply. Too many think (and are actually taught in law school) that if good public policy needs an “assist” for the judiciary, then it is their duty to provide that assist. The Obamacare decision allowing the statutory words “state exchanges” to actually mean “state or federal exchanges” is an example of rewriting a statute, and the Obergefell decision is an example of rewriting the U.S. Constitution and disregarding the principle of federalism.

Why That ‘One Issue’ Matters in This Race

Some voters may think Manchin will be his own person and decide for himself who he will confirm on a case-by-case basis, but if you think that, then you need to understand how party caucuses have ways of punishing those who don’t toe the party line.

But more than that, if West Virginia’s Senate seat becomes the 51st Democratic seat, then Chuck Schumer will become the Senate leader. You’re just flat wrong if you think Manchin’s vote for someone else as the Democratic leader (within the Democratic caucus) matters; it doesn’t! By rule, there is no vote for “Senate leader” among the full Senate; the leader of the majority party’s caucus is the Senate leader.

So, for Manchin, even if he were to say he won’t vote for Schumer as leader, it would be a meaningless statement at best and dishonest at worst.

Schumer as Senate leader means his lieutenants (people who think the way he does and who share his methodologies) will lead the all-important Senate committees. And if that’s the case, expect Kavanaugh-type search-the-distant-past-to-destroy-a-person hearings, to become the norm for every federal judge President Trump might nominate.

Because I fully expect that nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals will be the only substantive votes of a partisan nature that the next U.S. Senate will make, because I know Morrisey will be under no pressure to vote for Chuck Schumer for leader, and because I know for sure what kind of judges he would vote to confirm, I don’t have to think too hard about how I plan to vote.

Patrick Morrisey for Senate is the only reasonable vote for Republicans, Conservative Democrats and Independents in West Virginia.

A vote for Morrisey is the only vote to guarantee that Joe Manchin will never again hold West Virginia nor America, hostage!

– Allen Whitt, President @ULookRight

– Family Policy Council of West Virginia

2018 West Virginia Voter Guide

Who Should Christians Vote For? ✅