Wheeling Continues Moral Slide – Elects Male Identifying as Female to Council

A couple of years ago Wheeling, at the direction of it’s “Republican” mayor joined the “men in ladies’ rooms’ club, by passing a city ordinance to oppress and fine any business owner who still follows human biology as a science and/or who adheres to traditional views on marriage and sexuality. One of the enforcers of that ordinance, a biological male who identifies as female has been elected to Wheeling’s city council. This gentlemen is the first of his kind to be elected in West Virginia. Another man in Beckley who identifies as female was seeking to win the mayor’s race and actually received almost 500 votes.

City council races have long been the most vulnerable to this type of activism because voter turnout is paltry. City councils are very powerful and the state legislature is generally afraid of them. At least the legislature is afraid of passing common sense legislation that reigns in these rogue human rights activists on a handful of West Virginia’s city councils.


Ketchum becomes first openly trans person elected in WV with Wheeling City Council win