What’s the Delay in the Senate on the Religious Freedom Bill?!

The State Senate Received the Religious Freedom Restoration Act More Than A Week Ago – What’s the Delay?
 During this unexplained delay in action by the senate on HB4012, several Democratic Senators have taken to the floor of the senate to disparage the bill. At least one of those  members admitted yesterday he hadn’t even read the bill. It’s not even in committee, yet Palumbo, Playmate and Kessler  spoke against it on the senate floor? 

Finally yesterday a champion of religious freedom and faith, Senator Ed Gaunch, from Putnam County stood on the floor to counter the misinformation by those misguided senators. Watch Video.

Where are the senate leadership’s voices? 
Even if you have never called a senator before now is the time. Their very nice assistants will answer and take a message. Call and ask when the bill will be taken up in Judiciary and passed. Remind them this bill is CRITICAL for you to maintain confidence that the senate leadership is moving West Virginia forward. It passed 72-26 in the House. Remind the Senate not to let our voters down.

Only a few days remain and without immediate action the bill will not have time to override the governor’s expected veto.  Call to urge them to act now and then email us to let us know you did.

HERE’s the whole phone list of senators. But Senate President Bill Cole, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael and Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Trump should be first on your list. Please call today, tomorrowMondayTuesday…everyday till we inform you that it’s on the agenda.

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