Cuomosexual? A More Accurate Rebranding

Charleston, West Virginia 8.13 by Allen Whitt

I’m rebranding a woke term in this piece that didn’t age well for progressives: Cuomosexual.

In this morally-bankrupt age of modern journalism, news coverage of politicians and sexual peccadillos are top-of-page, but stories exposing our city streets covered with human waste are an intentional sin of omission. (My walk this morning from the state capitol through downtown while wearing sport sandals, made that too real.)

Listening to news on my pods, I, like most Americans, was already spiritually fatigued by the time I got to the office. The hypocrisy and general grossness of what progressives have turned our cities and our nation into is disheartening. Simultaneously I could hear and smell that Democrats only clean their house when they are forced to.


For a brief period of time, woke progressive females were swooning over former New York Governor Anthony Cuomo, and coined the term “cuomosexual.” For those left-embracing sycophants, “cuomosexual” captured the essence of the progressive power zeitgeist and they believed he embodied that essence. The experience for some was apparently so visceral that it became erotic.

Well umm…in light of him being power-washed into the political gutter last week…


I’m rebranding that old woke term here: Cuomosexual

A cuomosexual is actually a Democrat politician or politico who is publicly discovered in a real or perceived incident or incidents of sexual impropriety or harassment, but who is also declared to no longer have any political value to the progressive movement.

As we saw last week, former Governor Anthony Cuomo was set on fire by the Democrats, both in the Empire State and by national-level Democrats, including President Biden. Was it because he was a handsy predator? of course not. Being a handsy predator is almost a right of passage with the Democrat National Committee.

Cuomo’s real sin was no longer having political value as a Democrat. And as Marxists always do, the useful idiots that they exploit to maintain power, are eventually, metaphorically or actually, shot.


Last week the cuomosexual who succumbed to the Democrat’s firing squad was the rebranded term’s namesake, long disgraced but newly discarded Anthony Cuomo.


But not long ago the jettisoned cuomosexual was former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who’s sexual addictions drew an unwanted dotted line to an important Democrat asset that Ill flesh out in a second.

Before him the cuomosexual was former Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken. Groping wasn’t his downfall. Losing political gravitas was.

This week it’s former Arizona Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrette who is the latest orphaned cuomosexual.

Navarrette is being allowed to burn at the stake of public scrutiny with no army of DNC spokespeople and no support from the progressive media to give him cover. It seems that for now, blatant child abuse is still enough to get even a progressive homosexual tossed from the good graces of the Democrat Party. For now.

But remember the new definition of cuomosexual. It’s not just having gotten caught with your Anthony Weiner. You must also have no more political value to the left. So you know who’s NOT a cuomosexual, at least not yet, according to the DNC?



William Jefferson Clinton.

Even after taking advantage of that chubby Polish girl in the Whitehouse, President Bill Clinton and his ray-of-sunshine wife Hillary, were deemed to be just too valuable of an asset to cast onto the cuomosexual political bonfire.

“I’m gonna stand by my man!” – Hillary Clinton

Knowing what we know now, can you imagine just how many painkillers she must have needed to do THAT press conference?

Hypocrisy is the smelliest of daily sins and the DNC only washes their streets when the stench can no longer be masked by the rosey voices at CNN.

Allen Whitt is the President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia and was a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020. He recently came out with his own line of sport sandals.