West Virginia State Capitol Bans Nativity Scenes “NO RELIGIOUS DISPLAYS”

(See important update below)

Charleston, WV – Officials at the Department of Administration at the West Virginia State Capitol have rejected a request by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, to install a nativity scene inside the capitol building. The Family Policy Council is the state’s only faith-based charity who’s charter is to defend faith, family and freedom. Since we are entering the Christmas season and the overwhelming majority of West Virginian’s celebrate Christmas, we requested the opportunity to place a scene depicting the night of the birth of Jesus inside the rotunda. But we were officially denied.

The capitol regularly hosts displays of virtually every kind, throughout the year, especially during the legislative session. However an official in charge of events has again denied our request for a nativity, for the third year in a row, because “NO RELIGIOUS DISPLAYS” are allowed at the capitol in Charleston.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council said,

If other displays are allowed then West Virginians of faith may not be denied similar access simply because our display is religious in nature.

Please pray for the leaders of our state who make these decisions because this denial is a clear violation of our First Amendment right to express our religious beliefs. Ask God to change their hearts because our next steps are to pursue a lawsuit to force the state to treat us fairly.


UPDATE: After we learned we were denied again, the Family Policy Council immediately began to lobby the state and we applied strategic pressure this time. And to our surprise, we have received an amazing update from the Department of Events and the officials who denied us for three years. After threatening to sue them, the State of West Virginia’s officials have now reversed course and have approved our request to display a nativity scene inside the capitol rotunda! Praise God! 

So…Starting Wednesday December 15th through New Year’s Eve, Christians in West Virginia will have an expression of their beliefs represented by the Christmas story at their state capitol!

But if you’re reading this, we were not prepared. This opportunity presents a brand new challenge for The Family Policy Council because we did not expect that we would prevail so quickly. Our legal fights usually take years. So unfortunately we do not have the funds necessary in our 2021 budget for this two week display plus the January lobbying efforts. And we will likely need those funds to defend our right to keep the display and defend other rights during the legislative session beginning in January.

So we are asking churches from around the state to adopt the display for a day. If you could take up a Christmas love offering for this effort we can display your church’s name along with the nativity scene for your day of sponsorship. Will you help us share the Christmas story in our state capitol?


If  your church or you as an individual would like to sponsor this nativity then please click on the photo of the nativity to donate to this very worthy cause.


*We were assisted in this victory by Attorney General Patrick Morissey and the state of West Virginia owes him our gratitude for communicating to the proper officials that a display of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ is indeed appropriate and legal, for our state capitol building.