West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael Axed – His Six & a Half Lies You Should Know About

We wouldn’t normally comment on someone’s misfortune, like getting fired from your job and being publicly humiliated by it while holding the second-most powerful political seat in West Virginia. However when we saw Republican Senate President Mitch Carmichael playing the victim in the Gazette news story¬†below and attempting to appear as if he was fired because he took a principled stand on an issue for the citizens of West Virginia, we were¬†compelled to inform our constituents of the truth.¬†One online source today referred to Carmichael as a “good man” for doing the right thing even though it cost him his job. We at the Family Policy Council believe the following passage from the Holy Bible.

Ecclesiastes 7:20 (CSB) There is certainly no righteous man on the earth who does good and never sins.

*¬†Mitch Carmichael – ‚ÄúThe one thing I‚Äôm not going to do here as Senate president is advance special interests.” That quote from Carmichael is just the latest in a long string of personal and professional “untruths” he’s been caught in¬†during his political career.¬†



He controls the senate agenda and no bills advance without his approval. Here’s a sample of¬†special interests he’s advanced just during the¬†past couple of legislative sessions along with some background on what likely got him fired from Frontier Communications:

Special Interests Lie #1
¬† Last summer Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael abandoned his long-time employer Frontier Communications to take a better offer with upstart competitor CityNet. ¬†But like a moth to a flame fired¬†with a LOT¬†of hundred-dollar bills, their former Sales Manager was drawn back to Frontier after only four days away.¬†But no one comes out of that kind of flame without smelling a little smokey and that opportunistic¬†summer smoke had a little whiff¬†of industrial espionage in it. One can only assume that in four days a highly-recruited executive¬†could learn¬†a¬†competitor’s marketing strategy and some other sensitive, competitive data. Was there lying involved here? Carmichael accepted an offer of employment, shook a hand, made a commitment, and then took it all back for some Benjamins. Somebody ask CityNet if they feel lied to and see what they say.

Special Interests Lie #1.5¬† So Frontier Communications gets their Sales Manager back with media reports stating Carmichael had now doubled his salary. He later publicly commented that it was indeed more but not double. Whichever…it was still enough to fill one of Governor Justice’s cowpile platters. So Frontier got their cable TV and internet sales manager back, big deal right? No the big deal is that Frontier got the seated majority leader of the West Virginia Senate back while he was campaigning to become president of the West Virginia Senate. All-the-while knowing that at least two critical pieces of legislation impacting Frontier’s very large market share in West Virginia would be introduced in the upcoming session. No bills advance without the senate president’s say so.

One bill had been previously introduced by CityNet loyalist and former state Senator Chris Walters. (The Family Policy Council helped defeat Walters last November because of his LGBT activism and his false accusations against us from the floor of the senate.) Carmichael got the job offer from CityNet as Walters senate defeat began to look likely.

So Frontier knew for sure it would come back and another unfriendly bill was introduced also. Frontier wanted the bills killed. Highly paid Frontier lobbyists were at the Capitol every day pressuring for the bills to be killed. Newly repurchased, highly-compensated Frontier Sales Manager Mitch Carmichael/Senate President Mitch Carmichael was now in charge of these bills. Carmichael recused himself on the first vote but let the Frontier-damaging special interest broadband-competitor bill advance. (*See primary lie spin above in heading.) Bill advances, Carmichael votes for it in the end, bill becomes law. New Frontier broadband competitors are given new life.

A summary:¬†Carmichael leaves Frontier for a competitor. Carmichael comes back to Frontier last summer, takes their fist full of cash and winks at them when they ask if he’s got their back on those bills. But one of the bills¬†becomes law,¬†cuts into Frontier’s money¬†and Carmichael gets fired by Frontier. Carmichael rumors say he’s got a new job with a Frontier competitor. This is known in the holler as burning the coal¬†at both ends until it burns the hair off your knuckles.

2016 Special Interests Legislative Lie #2  Carmichael declared that he would not run the senate like a dictatorship, instead he would let the majority of the caucus decide on which bills move out of committee and the senate. However two weeks later he announced no socially divisive bills would move regardless of the desire by the caucus. He then told the primary senate sponsor of the religious freedom bill that it would not run even though the majority of the Republican senators were in favor. His dressing down of a conservative senator was at the request of one of his favored LGBT special interest groups.

2016 Special Interests Legislative¬†Lie #3¬†Carmichael’s declaration to not promote socially divisive bills was another lie¬†when he placed the most insidious¬†special interest bill in the history of West Virginia onto the senate’s agenda. The bill was backed by the state’s homosexual behavior-promoting special interest group¬†and they had given it¬†an¬†innocent-sounding name, the Youth Mental Health Protection Act. Far from innocent this legislation would have prevented any child therapist in the state from counseling the sexually-confused victim of homosexual rape unless the therapist agreed to first affirm homosexual behavior as normative. No exemptions for religious conscience rights or beliefs, failure to comply would have caused the doctor, nurse, therapist, counselor or social worker to lose their license to practice. (Republican Delegate John Shott from Mercer County championed the same bill in the House!)

Any heterosexual-normative statements to the minor victim would have brought penalty while homosexual-normative statements were encouraged. The Family Policy Council had warned Republicans to watch out for this despicable bill and when two courageous conservative Republican senators saw that Carmichael was attempting to advance the bill on the agenda they boldly stood up and threatened the senate president, “All Hell will break loose if you think you’re going to put¬†that on the agenda.” Only under threat by colleagues did Carmichael remove it. He was indeed moving a special interest group’s bill, one championed by LGBT bullies trying to deny¬†therapy to little children who were experiencing confusion after homosexual rape. That bill is one of the most favored bills in the United States by the Democrat party. Why would a “Republican” EVER run that abomination?

2016 Special Interests Legislative¬†Lie #4¬†There’s no less powerful a special interest lobby in the country than the “medical” & recreational pot lobby. (The quote marks are because any reputable physician¬†will tell you there’s no such thing as medical pot.) No physician can prescribe you a couple of tokes off a blunt as medicine. Yet with Carmichael’s blessing and his vote, THE two most outrageous Democratic¬†special interest¬†legislators, Del. Mike Pushkin and Senator Richard Ojeda, saw their¬†“Medical Pot” bill¬†“advanced” and passed into law. Carmichael violated the Republican Party’s state platform to help them accomplish step 1 of the pot objective. Now we must watch for step¬†where the special interests groups¬†push for the legalization of recreational pot.

2015 Special Interests Legislative Lie #5 Carmichael was guilty of misrepresenting his position on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015 to multiple senators, house members and citizens. He told Family Policy Council President, Allen Whitt to his face that the RFRA was going to pass his senate and that it was in the top 10 list. He did so while simultaneously working behind the scenes with the state-wide homosexual behavior promotion project coordinated by Fairness West Virginia and other LGBT economic terrorist organizations.

2015 Special Interests Legislative Lie #6 Carmic
hael then later attended a luncheon in October where he received an award for killing the RFRA bill and “advancing” the special interest causes of the state’s LGBT activists. -Putnam County Republicans reelected him two weeks later.

But well before last fall’s November elections the incumbent Republican senators who had worked with Carmichael¬†as senate majority leader had already decided he would not be chosen by the caucus as president for the 2017-18 legislative sessions. If no new Republican’s had been elected to the Senate then the incumbent would have selected Senator Ed Gaunch to be the new senate president.

However four¬†of the seven new Republican senators elected in November of 2016 (all four of which the Family Policy Council endorsed) refused to listen to our counsel about Carmichael’s integrity. And then our hearts were broken when year-long Carmichael-for-president opponents, Senators Jeff Mullen, Raleigh County and Sue Cline, Wyoming County, unexpectedly flipped their votes to Carmichael for “unclear” reasons right¬†before Thanksgiving.

Carmichael was then close enough to buy the leadership role by¬†offering newly elected freshman Senator Kenny Mann the chairmanship of the powerful and prestigious Senate Education Committee. Mann was quoted, “I’d love to be senate education chair but I’m not gonna sell my soul for it.” ¬†But 24 house later Mann had his chairmanship and Carmichael had Mann’s vote and that gave him¬†the 12-10 margin he needed to become the Senate President/Lieutenant Governor of West Virginia. (That’s one Jim Justice heartbeat away from being the Governor.)

The state Republican Party and West Virginia as a whole has been far worse off since Carmichael eeked his way to control the president’s gavel. Here are some of the reactions after he called the press conference to announce he had acquired enough votes to become the leader of the senate.

  • The Christians and conservatives of West Virginia put¬†their faces in their hands in disbelief. Why? Because in the very first days Carmichael announced that all socially conservative bills would be dead with him as senate president. And they mourned¬†in disbelief because once again he was¬†able to maintain a “Christian-candidate” facade to win the uninformed religious right voters of populous Putnam County while simultaneously losing the religious right voters of those who know his history and reputation in his home county of Jackson.¬†He lost both the primary and the general election in Jackson but¬†Putnam County sent him back to the Capitol again.
  • The very socially left-leaning West Virginia State Chamber of Commerce breathed a sigh of relief. Why, Because Carmichael’s socially liberal affiliations and votes sit well with the chamber’s capitulation to LGBT pressures. Carmichael’s ascension validates the chamber’s¬† 2015 condemnation¬†of the religious freedom legislation. They also felt elated¬†that the tens of thousands of dollars they spent attacking Carmichael’s faith-friendly Republican primary opponent seemed to be money well spent. But¬†it has to sting that a political novice and bulldozer driver with no money¬†took¬†40% of the primary¬†votes from Carmichael despite the state chamber riding to his rescue.
  • Nine West Virginia city councils who allow men in ladies rooms or who were about to, cheered. Why? Because they now have a defender of their outrageous city ordinances endangering women in the name of fairness. Carmichael killed a house bill in 2015 that would keep dangerous men out of girls locker rooms, showers and private areas. Then he gutted the religious freedom bill and turned it into an LGBT “rights” mantra defending those ordinances.
  • The leftist Democrat Senators¬†who¬†had been campaigning for Carmichael behind the scenes let out a hearty laugh. Why? Because¬†their previous attempts to step on the necks of all the religious, intolerant bigots had failed but now 12 members of the Republican Senate had voted to do it for them by choosing Carmichael.
  • The Charleston Gazette and other media partners¬†of the Democratic party popped champagne? Why? Because if¬†a conservative Republican Senator like Ed Gaunch had been allowed to partner with conservative House Speaker Tim Armstead, then the West Virginia legislature could have given it’s citizens some of the most constitutionally-friendly protections in America.¬†The Gazette and other media outlets could not bear that thought.

Here we are already into June, 2017 and Carmichael is still busy with the latest special session, the never-ending one, in part because he¬†refuses to work with the House leadership and instead has capitulated to the Governor’s ridiculous budget veto demands. One online source today published a story that says Carmichael has already secured other employment with a company that benefited from one of his votes this session. If that turns out of be CityNet or some other broadband startup that will be the stuff of As The World Turns or General Hospital. Time will reveal if that is accurate.

If¬†any voter in West Virginia is still¬†swayed¬†to have sympathy for this notorious¬†legislator who lost his job for “falling on his principled sword” then we have some ocean-front property we’d like to show you down in Mingo County. Carmichael was recently quoted as saying that “Special Interest” groups makes governing a lot harder than it used to be. And when he said that he meant “Special Interest” groups like The Family Policy Council of West Virginia who have an interest in honesty, integrity and being represented in Charleston by God-honoring public servants.

You can read the Gazette story below but we usually don’t link to them for ANYTHING if we can avoid it.

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