West Virginia Leads America With Vaccine Mandate Protections Law

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Call his office:

Governor Jim Justice 304-558-2000.

Last night, 17 West Virginia Senate Republicans held the line after hours of debate, and passed America’s best medical and religious exemptions law. It’s designed to protect against government and employer vaccine mandates. The victory was possible in part, because Republican Senator Eric Nelson was on vacation. He would have been a hard no vote on protecting rights against the state. The Family Policy Council coordinated with the conservatives within the state Republican Party by rallying calls into the senators who were wavering. We flipped two votes and the bill passed by the bare minimum 17.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, said, “Kanawha County Republican senators at the state and federal level are some of the most liberal in the country. And if the Republican Party doesn’t address this publicly, there will be an exodus by conservative Republican voters to other political parties.”

The bill will need to be concurred by the state house tonight but that is expected.

Because several Republicans abandoned their own party’s bill, (Senators Clements, Takubo, Trump, Weld, Maroney), the vote to enact the law immediately failed. It will take effect in 90 days unless Governor Jim Justice enacts an executive order to shortening the delay.


House Delegate Roger Conley issued a letter today calling on the governor to do so. Join Delegate Conley and many others in calling on the governor. Tell him to issue an executive order that matches the new medical and religious exemptions law that will be effective immediately so that nurses and other vulnerable employees are not fired because they refuse a vaccine that was made possible by using aborted babies for testing.

Call his office: Governor Jim Justice 304-558-2000


Learn more in person about this law and more at the October Scary America Rally on October 30 near Charleston.