West Virginia House and Senate Leadership to Change Post Election

Capitol Building Election Day November 6th 2018

2018 Election Results Summary

Results below updated as of 3:48pm EST on Wednesday Nov 7.

Quick Election Recap in WV

WV House: 59-41 Republican Control
WV Senate: 20-14 Republican Control
US Congress: R – Carol Miller (By 13%)
US Congress: R – David McKinley (By 28%)
US Congress: R – Alex Mooney (By 11%)

Amendment 1 – Passed 🙏

There WILL now be more babies alive this time next year available for adoption because of this VICTORY.

Amendment 2 – Passed

West Virginia Supreme Court:
✅ Tim Armstead
✅ Evan Jenkins

Both of these Family Policy Council ENDORSED justices will ensure that foolish and unconstitutional laws will be remedied in WV!

Key Losses

Fairmont – Sadly a large percentage of the citizens of the City of Fairmont chose to allow biological males to use bath and shower facilities, including those owned by private businesses.

A group we consulted called Keep Fairmont Safe fought to defeat the dangerous ‘Human Rights’ city ordinance on the ballot, but that volunteer group did not have the resources to carry the measure.

Thankfully this unconstitutional ordinance will now likely be struck down by the courts since Justice Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. But the road is long to get to that verdict.

Both the West Virginia state House Majority Leader Riley Moore & the state Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns were defeated.

That means a special caucus vote the first week of December in both houses of the West Virginia Legislature will pick new majority leaders and perhaps a new Speaker of the House and a new President of the Senate.

New and current House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, only elected approximately 60 days ago in a special Republican caucus, will face another caucus vote in 30 days. He only prevailed last time over Delegate Eric Nelson by a single vote. It’s up in the air. Lots of jockeying will take place this next 30 days.

Over in the Senate, current President Mitch Carmichael was challenged in caucus two years ago by Senator Ed Gaunch. A caucus vote in the senate will also happen the first week of December but Gaunch was defeated by less than 250 votes last night in a surprise upset. Carmichael killed the Religious Freedom Act in 2016 in favor of pro-“gay” exceptions giving homosexual behavior a legal advantage over sincerely-held religious beliefs.

No other challenger to Carmichael has spoken up. So if Carmichael remains as WV Senate President he must name a new majority leader since current Majority Leader Ryan Ferns was also defeated last night. But if Carmichael chooses current Senator Ryan Weld, the most vocal opponent of religious freedom and the most Ojeda-like, hot-headed Republican senator, then Carmichael will have open revolt from the growing caucus of faith and values Republicans in the Senate. He better choose wisely.

2018 National Election Results

  • Republicans expand their control of the U.S. Senate.
  • Democrats take control of the U.S. House.
  • Democrats flip seven governorships, with one state too close to call (Georgia). Republicans flip one governorship (Alaska).
  • Trifectas see changes in at least 11 states, with one state undecided. Current results leave 14 Democratic and 22 Republican trifectas. Democrats currently have a net gain of six trifectas, while Republicans (click below for more detailed U.S. Congress and Governors’s races)

(click here for more detailed U.S. Congress and Governors’s races)