West Virginia Catholic Bishop Forced to Resign; A Member of the Pro-Homosexual ‘Lavender Mafia’?

Wheeling, West Virginia: The Pope has accepted the resignation of West Virginia Catholic Bishop Michael Bransfield. Bransfield was the head of the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese that covered virtually all Catholic parishes in West Virginia. The former bishop is under investigation for what media outlets are reporting as (sexual harassment of adults.)

That “sexual harassment of adults” tagline is infuriating spin. West Virginia’s LGBT-allied newspapers are intentionally ignoring the real truth in this story. Has the ‘Lavender Mafia’ infiltrated the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese?



“This long-overdue resignation of Michael Bransfield, the Catholic Bishop for the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese, is celebrated by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia and should be celebrated by all Christians who follow the Holy Scripture on sexuality.”

– Allen Whitt, President – Family Policy Council of West Virginia

The “sexual harassment of adults” tagline is to redirect the public eye away from the alleged (politically-correct) homosexual behavior within Catholic leadership. History has demonstrated that wide-spread homosexual activity among priests and cardinals has almost always accompanied abuse. Now it’s being exposed in our back yard.

Be confident that Bransfield is not being investigated for hitting on a female staffer at the Wheeling rectory. When the internal Catholic investigation is complete, the truth will show that this isn’t about a harassing affair with a cute nun at one of the Catholic elementary schools under his charge. This quote is from the linked story.

Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore was instructed by Pope Francis to conduct an investigation of Bransfield, the Baltimore Diocese and the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese according to a press release on Thursday. “Bishop Bransfield has been instructed to live outside the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston pending the investigation,” diocesan spokesman Tim Bishop said. “I am not aware of his whereabouts or any contact information.”

Bransfield’s resignation is not because the vow to remain chaste from sexual relations with women, was too much of a cross to bear.

Bransfield’s forced resignation by the Pope is a time of bittersweet celebration for the Family Policy Council. But it’s likely an exclusively painful experience for any victims of harassment or abuse that may exist because of his behavior or failed leadership.

For more than a decade we have attempted to forge an alliance with the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese on policy issues. Defense of the unborn, the defense of traditional marriage and the attempt to defeat 10 West Virginia city ordinances that elevated same-sex behavior to the level of a civil right, would all have benefited from Catholic support.

The diocese was consistent on defending babies. That was about it.

Not only was the Wheeling-Charleston diocese uncooperative on issues involving sexuality, they were sometimes defiant. The diocese under Bishop Bransfield’s direction, publicly supported Wheeling’s 2017 “Men in Ladies’ Rooms,” city ordinance. So we had one of our faithful Catholic members of the West Virginia House of Delegates entreat the bishop to rescind his support of Wheeling’s unconstitutional ordinance. This was an awful city ordinance that would clearly violate the church’s teaching on sexuality. It defended the right for biological males to enter into intimate facilities normally reserved for women and girls. The house delegate was given the perplexing public statement below.

Bransfield’s response on supporting the ‘Men in Ladies Rooms’ ordinance in Wheeling. “We support the dignity of the human condition.”

What kind of defense for women and girls is that? And from a bishop of the Catholic Church?

Our mission to defend faith, family and freedom, compels the Family Policy Council to investigate whenever a supposedly-religious person, group or church, puts up barriers to protecting religious freedom. For years, faithful West Virginia Catholics had been reporting to us their suspicions. Many were concerned that Bishop Bransfield was either supportive of same-sex relationships or engaging in homosexual behavior himself, or both.

We had no proof of these unsubstantiated suspicions. However the diocese’s reluctance to partner with traditional-sexuality policy efforts, was worrisome. But when the diocese openly supported the City of Wheeling’s sexual orientation and gender identity promotion ordinance, we were chilled by the likely reality. It had become hard to ignore that the Bishop and perhaps his cohorts, were not simply resistent to the Family Policy Council’s pro-traditional marriage legislation. Could it be that the leadership of the Wheeling-Charleston Catholic Diocese were a part of the powerful and shadowy network of homosexual or ‘gay-friendly,’ catholic priests, bishops and cardinals, outed by international media, as the ‘Lavender Mafia?

And if we suspected the Bishop, then certainly West Virginia’s pro-homosexual lobbying groups like Fairness West Virginia not only knew as well, but very likely factored that into their legislative strategy.

An interesting event occurred in 2016 involving a Godly Catholic brother who was a deacon from the largest Catholic parish in West Virginia. Thankfully he went rogue from the diocese by showing up at the Charles Town city council meeting. He petitioned the council to abandon their plan to allow men into ladies rooms. He single-handedly got the council to delay passage for six months. The LGBT activists leaders made note to us that they were surprised to see the deacon there speaking against the ordinance.

That rogue Catholic church deacon told us after his brilliant defense of Godly sexuality to the city council, “I came on my own and I likely will be reprimanded for doing this.”

Knowing the Catholic Bishop of West Virginia was on their side is quite an ace in the hole if you’re a pro-LGBTQAI lobbyist group. Knowing there will be no press release condemning the promotion of homosexual-related policies would be a comfort to those activists indeed. And we fear worse. We may learn in the future that the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese leadership had actually been working with these pro-homosexual activists groups behind the scenes. Was their mutual goal to undermine our efforts to protect women and children in private spaces?

Now with the Bishop’s resignation we hope that the diocese will return to their historic positions of Godly sanctuary.

About 20% of America’s Network of Family Policy Councils are led by faithful Catholics. They are rock-ribbed when defending against pro “gay rights” pieces of legislation. They fight the theft of our rights. They defend the religious expression of everyone from business owners to school teachers. They rail against ordinances and laws that endanger women and girls. In Texas and New Jersey and a few other states, the God-fearing Catholics that follow Scripture on sexuality are valued as pro-family policy warriors at their respective state legislatures.

The Family Policy Council could have used some Catholic help in West Virginia last session on Senate Bill SB613, the “You Must Stay Gay” bill (aka the Youth Mental Health Protection Act.)

If that bill, with several Republican sponsors, had passed, it would have put Christian and Catholic counselors out of business or in jail. Why? if they dared tell a teen that there are only two genders! Tell a minor that no one has to keep repeating damaging sexual behaviors and you would have violated law! Make any hetero-normative statements during a therapy session and the therapist would be guilty of “conversion therapy.”

“Conversion therapy” is a made up boogie man that falsely claims licensed, faith-based psychologists and counselors, are trying to convert little gay kids to be straight. Good and kind therapists of all faiths would lose their license for even telling a sexually-confused teen that there are many ex-gays!

Compassionate but misled Republicans across the country are getting behind these terrible efforts and more than ten left-leaning states have banned these desperately-needed conversations. A clear, traditional Catholic voice of reason would have been helpful. It was silent in West Virginia.

“Conversion therapy” bans have the ultimate goal of the United States following Austraila’s model.  There, not even Christian ministries have the right to speak the truth about human sexuality in private small groups without spawning an official investigation. Don’t dare speak truths like, there is no such thing as a straight person and there’s no such thing as a “gay” person, only people and human behavior. And each person will be held accountable for their sinful behavior before God.

SB613 would have banned all those truths in West Virginia when trying to counsel a sexually-troubled minor. And Bransfield’s diocese was no where to be found in the effort to inform their parishes and faithful parents.

Thankfully former Bishop Michael Bransfield resigned under investigation of “sexual harassment of adults.”

As everyone can follow in recent international news stories, there are credible reports from within the Vatican in Rome claiming former Pope Benedict had become aware of the immense power of this sinister, ‘Lavender Mafia’ within the Church’s global leadership structure. His desire was to purge these rainbow mafiosos but realized his age and heath would likely prevent him from being successful. So he was the first Pope to resign in hundreds of years. He hoped a younger, stronger pope would have the courage to undertake the internal holy war, to rid church leadership of homosexuality.

But instead, members of the ‘Lavender Mafia’ were able to politically outmaneuver the cardinals who supported a biblically-adherent pope. The LGBT insurgents backed a pope who embraced a politically-charged, world liberation theology, popular with South American socialists. Those cardinals, had support of an estimated 20-60% of LGBTQAI-friendly priests world wide. It was that cadre that selected a pope who believes that plastic water bottles in the ocean, is the greatest moral threat to mankind.

By the time Pope Benedict resigned, these Lavender fire-starters had grown so powerful that it was they who lit the white smoke for Pope Francis, a socially liberal priest now called Holy Father. He would continue to recite the Church’s traditional teaching on marriage while benefiting from the support of those subversives within the Church. Subversives who no longer even believed Biblical truths that require both a husband and a wife for holy marriage.

The resignation of Bishop Michael Bransfield while under investigation for “sexual harassment of adults,” does not lend evidence that he was on the Biblical side of  history.

And now Francis is a Pope credibly accused of being complicit in the Church’s homosexual mafia’s perverted theology and behavior. Some reports seem to verify he may have actually been quietly supportive of it. But now public scrutiny is forcing him to out some of these priests and bishops and cardinals. Then, unthinkably in the midst of this Church crisis, with evidence so egregious that it may bring this Pope to resignation himself, the Holy Father had the audacity to say that it’s the “uncovering of the priest’s sins” that’s scandalous.

The Catholic Church’s scandal of the 80’s was intentionally mislabeled a pedophilia problem.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia’s members, are made up of protestants, Jews, evangelicals, Catholics and other allied faiths. And we have been adamant that the Catholic Church scandal of the 80’s was intentionally mislabeled a pedophilia problem affecting a minority of troubled priests. Homosexual behavior was secretly being practiced by a significant percentage of priests and the pedophilia label successfully redirected the eye of the public to the kids.

The majority of the sexual-abuse victims, at the hands of catholic priests, were not little girls. For the most part they were also not little boys. According to court records and investigations, 83% were teenage males or young 20-something males in Catholic seminary. Most all were forced to suffer their own version of a church and workplace #MeToo, but via homosexual predation.

We now know the Church’s PR spin of that ’80’s scandal was intentional deception. And it appears the Pope is attempting that deception again by calling all the church’s powerful to Rome for a confab on the 17% of actual child abuse victims. Will that serve to deflect attention from the current 83% victimized by the Church’s homosexuals? We pray it does not!

The Catholic Church has been one of the greatest tools ever for spreading the saving message of the love of Jesus Christ to all continents. The Family Policy Council mourns with all our Catholic friends now that it’s clear that the Church’s leadership has been infiltrated by homosexual sin.

The Catholics of course are not alone in sexual scandal. But most protestants and evangelicals don’t practice faith under anything resembling the rigid, top-down hierarchy of the Catholic Church. It’s now undeniable that the overly-revered Church hierarchy has led to a decades-long, metastasizing of homosexual perversion and predation.

Local church autonomy of non-Catholic churches is a strength. It’s far easier to expel sexual deviants that are discovered in a local leadership position because the church’s power is also local. However the lack of Catholic-like centralization has it’s own weakness. Decentralization of a prime church authority has led many non-Catholic churches to deviate far from universal Christian orthodoxy. Look no farther than non-Catholic believers dancing around in an Appalachian church with a Copperhead draped around their neck.

We are saddened by all sin. But we are angered by the boa constrictor-like sin of homosexuality, worn around the necks of effeminate “holy men.”  It’s a deadly sin that suffocates and devours the souls of the young and those simply wishing to seek Jesus. Hopefully after the departure of former Bishop Michael Bransfield the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese will be safer for spiritual pilgrims.

But we caution Catholics and non-Catholic believers alike. Mature Christians, being led by Godly shepherds, should never tolerate either kind of serpent in God’s house.

When there is a new bishop in place in Wheeling, the Family Policy Council will try again to strike a partnership with the Catholic diocese. And united, we hope to defend faith, family and freedom in West Virginia.


(By Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia)