West Virginia Attempted This Same Horrible Anti-Christian Counseling Bill Last Year

Counseling Photo

West Virginians,

Be advised that this very same type of ban on Christian counselors was proposed as a state law last session in Charleston by House Delegates J.B. McCuskey, R and Stephen Skinner, D. Both are now seeking higher office.


The City of Cincinnati will be Sued

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati City Council has once again overstepped its role as a City. Licensing of counselors is the authority of the state, as are the instructions and limits on those counselors. To date NOT ONE bit of evidence has been brought forward of forced counseling or counselor misbehavior. City Council has over-reacted to urban myths, banning a recognized therapy and inappropriately intervened between families and doctors.

The reality is that doctors and licensed counselors do not “convert” homosexuals to heterosexuality, instead they work with heterosexuals who are struggling with various feelings, including UNWANTED same-sex attraction. Therapy against someone’s will does not work, and is not ethical.

Any statements made about electroshock or waterboarding therapy is absurd.

What the City has created is an environment that forces licensed counselors to promote homosexuality while banning heterosexuality. This is especially dangerous when 70-80% of children struggling through this process as adolescents have grown out of the mixed feelings into heterosexuality as adults (Vanderbilt University and Portman Clinic studies). Additionally, this effort was undertaken with the guise of lowering suicide rates, yet studies at the Karolinska University have shown a 20-fold increase in suicides for those with mixed-body feelings moving forward with gender re-assignment.

Finally, there are an estimated 10,000+ who have entered and LEFT a LGBT identity, exposing the nihilistic myths surrounding those with unwanted same-sex attraction.

There is no better example of two people that left homosexuality than Garry & Melissa Ingraham. Both were deeply engaged in homosexuality, but with the freedom to seek support and counsel to resolve and reduce their unwanted same-sex attraction, they have been happily married for 8 years and parents of two delightful boys. (See www.loveandtruthnetwork.com)