Unions Proudly Announce Beachhead in WV Republican Party Legislature

Charleston, WV – Last spring we here at the Family Policy Council published an in-depth piece on the factions within the Republican House in West Virginia that included the union-identifying caucus. They were not an official caucus but it seems that we were prophetic. Today they officially announced they exist. The simple statement from the new caucus chair, House Delegate Evan Worrell from Cabell County, announced they would focus on wage and other similar union interests.

That announcement sounds like no big deal to the casual reader. Who doesn’t want a fair wage and safe working conditions. But let’s take a look at what the unions in West Virginia have been up to lately.

In 2014 and 2016, union and trial attorney funds backed an outlaw political entity that stole one of the Family Policy Council’s logo’s and used it to create a Republican attack-dog front, advertised as West Virginia Family Values. They funneled millions of dollars through that sham outfit and were successful in defeating several conservative Republicans in the primary elections.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council said, “Back when my dad was in the union it was about safe working conditions. Be sure to recognize what this new caucus really is and who they are teaming up with.”

Although there are three or four good, faithful family men in that caucus, they have hitched their wagon to several ruthless, mostly-Democrat-funded, political action committees that has proven they will lie, cheat and steal, to accomplish their money-driven goals of removing Republican conservatives from office, especially faith-based ones. The union’s allies these days, engage in thug tactics via their unholy triad with homosexual activists and trial attorneys. By whatever means necessary, the Democrats’ goal is to scratch and crawl back into power, even if they have to call themselves Republicans to do it.

Now there are a half dozen ex-Democrats who have changed parties and are running against conservative Republicans as Republicans, in both the house and senate in the primary elections scheduled next spring. There are billboard signs up all over those districts funded by unions and Democrat funders.

Few of the union caucus’ goals align with the platform of the Republican Party. It may be time to do what the Wyoming Republican Party did and vote to no longer recognize some of these elected members as being Republican, no matter what they call themselves.

Click Photo for News Story of the Republican Union Caucus announcement.

We were waiting on a similar announcement for a Gay Pride Republican Caucus in the House also but it’s only proud member, House Delegate Josh Higginbotham, just resigned to run for a spot in the state senate.

House Delegate Evan Worrell Chair of Union Republican Caucus