Traditional Family, “Alternative Lifestyle” to NBC

Originally posted here by JOHN NOLTE


A revealing reminder of the provincial, bubbled leftists that run our media can be found in an NBC News piece profiling Olympic gold medal skier David Wise. NBC informs us in its headline that what led Wise to Olympic gold was his “alternative lifestyle.”

NBC was apparently surprised to learn that, at 23-years-old, Wise is already a husband and father.

At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult. He wears a Baby Bjorn baby carrier around the house. He also attends church regularly and says he could see himself becoming a pastor a little later down the road.

Not exactly the picture you had in mind while watching him nail two double corks wearing baggy pants. Wise is, well, wise. He knows where his head should be at all time, focused on being the best father and husband he can be.

Freak-showing normalcy and normalizing abnormality is a well-honed tactic used by the left to undermine the healthy traditions that civilize society.




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