Three WV House Republicans Sponsor Motion; Force Female Employees to Perform Bikini Waxing on Male Customers

If they dare refuse then Westfall, Storch and Higginbotham’s motion would let the male extort the business and the employee via anti-LGBT discrimination lawsuits.

Charleston, WV, Capitol Update: Thursday February 7th In the West Virginia House of Delegates, three Republicans joined Democrats today in sponsoring a motion on House Bill 2733, that would force teenage esthetician’s statewide, working at ladies’ day-spas, to perform bikini waxing on males.

Spas offering nail and waxing services exclusively target women as customers. And traditionally, those private businesses, employ exclusively female estheticians and technicians to provide those services, to their exclusively female clientele. That’s a commonsense business model to provide safety and comfort during services where the client is disrobed.

But three Republican delegates, Steve Westfall from Ripley, Erika Storch from Wheeling, and Josh Higginbotham from Poca, refused to leave that business model alone. All three believe that business model is “antiquated”  in the age of LGBTQ activism.

So today, they demonstrated their progressive belief that even biological males, identifying as women, should legally have access to those same intimate services, by the same female staff. In the name of non-discrimination, those three, with the Democrats, sponsored a motion to push forward the grossly inappropriate and unconstitutional HB2733. Their effort forced a procedural vote on their motion in the full House of Delegates. Every Democrat in the West Virginia House of Delegates also backed their motion.

If passed, the bill would have stripped away a female employee’s right, to refuse to touch a disrobed, biological male, if he claims he’s a female. Even part-time high school girls, would be legally obligated to perform services like bikini waxing to disrobed, biologically male customers. If they dare refuse then Westfall, Storch and Higginbotham’s motion would let the male extort the business and the employee via anti-LGBT discrimination lawsuits.

The legislators will certainly accuse us of misrepresenting what HB 2733 does. But evil often cloaks itself in pleasant-sounding names. Massachusetts passed the same law and it’s being used to torment a woman and her spa, over the denial of bikini waxing services to a male. Our Massachusetts Family Policy Council is helping to defend the attack on the dignity of this woman. And the attack was intentionally brought about by the exact same type of bill, that those three attempted to push Thursday, in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

The renegade Republican’s motion, was a direct challenge to the Speaker of the House’s authority. Their act of defiance basically challenged the competency of the Speaker for placing the bill into the committee process. It was also in direct opposition to the West Virginia Republican Party Platform.

House Bill 2733 would have also banned any other private West Virginia businesses, from providing a private area for biologically female women. That would apply in department store changing areas, or female-only gym showers, or other private spaces historically reserved for women.

You can click on these three Republican legislators’ names above, and email them what you think about their attack on the dignity of West Virginia’s women and young girls.