“This Is The End of Civilization”

Sept. 19, 2018

The last minute delaying tactics of Democrat senators on Capitol Hill, continue with the insidious character attack on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Those senators are defending an unsubstantiated accuser. The same who refuses to attend Senate hearings unless an FBI investigation into 35-yr-old claims is conducted. This Senate debacle brings to mind the words of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, “This is the end of civilization.”


Regardless of what supposedly did or didn’t happen all those many years ago, at a high school party or in the mind of a marital-therapy patient, the survival of the country is at risk by the Senate’s current uncivil behavior.

We are merely a nation of laws but those laws maintain civilization. President Reagan nominated Judge Bork to the Supreme Court in the ’80’s. He lived through his own character assassination by Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy. After the confirmation hearing, Judge Bork was not confirmed when Republicans cowered at the roar of “The Lion of the Senate,” as Kennedy is fondly remembered by the left. Judge Bork later penned the above quote as he recognized that with the devolution of America’s political civility, we are mere steps from the loss of civilization.

That devolution has accelerated with Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. The left recklessly refuses to be denied the ability to control the most powerful political body on planet earth, the United States’ Supreme Court. They know without a stacked deck on the Court, that their forced march of the United States away from a representative republic and towards socialism, could take decades longer. And while sheepishly staring at the political handcuffs known as the #MeToo movement, the Republican senators’ response to the unsubstantiated character attack, has left conservatives wanting.

We have 330 million individuals living in fifty separate states. But we don’t refer to ourselves as United State-ians. There’s a collective will of West Virginians and Californians and Texans, to voluntarily obey a set of supreme federal laws. Even at times it’s to the detriment of individual state’s rights, but its a benevolent will that binds our large citizenry together for the betterment of us all. Our commitment to supreme law evoked such national pride that we claimed the whole continent as our patriotic moniker. We stiffed our Canadian and Mexican neighbors and arrogantly called ourselves, “Americans.”

So what, come take it from us! 🇺🇸

But now a dark cloud hangs over the Capitol. Roughly half of all Americans, specifically those who identify politically as Democrats, socialists and/or progressives, have lost their way. They have elected 49 U.S. senators that are asserting by word and deed, that the source for all of our American laws, the U.S. Constitution, no longer deserves respect. The disrespect of statesmanship and even decency right now in the Senate, should alarm all patriots.

That abandonment of our singular guiding source of law, is leading to a new set of laws, created on the whims of a politically correct, emotionally charged mob, and enforced at the point of a gun. These “laws” will have only two inevitable outcomes. They will either lead to armed rebellion or to the cowardly surrender of all individual rights.

The 150,000,000 souls, murdered or starved by socialism during the past century, should serve as enough disincentive to discourage that mob from jumping on the failed bandwagon of socialism in the land of the free.

However, deception from the dark angel is hard to see through, even for those of us created a bit higher than the angels.

We are seeing cowardly guerrilla attacks by Democrat Senators.  We are watching a spineless retreat by Republican Senators. Both are political calculations that intentionally neglect the republic for political self-preservation. These are the actions of a nation state just prior to a civil war or just prior to a failed nation state. #SovietUnion #Venezuela

– Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council