(Video) Buckhannon, Third West Virginia City to Defeat “Men in Ladies Rooms” Ordinance, Joins 190 Other Cities Where Women’s Safety is Protected

Buckhannon city residents gave some of the best arguments to date, against the sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance movement in West Virginia. Councilman Robbie Skinner delivered one of the best opposition speeches we had ever seen on the topic.

Buckhannon, WV. Last night the Buckhannon City Council defeated a proposed ordinance that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class (4-3.)

Among other constitutional violations, this dangerous ordinance would have forced private businesses to allow males into women’s restrooms and changing areas at work.




During three plus hours of public comment, Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, addressed the council before the vote.

“Does anyone on this council even know what the letters Q-A-I stand for at the end of LGBTQAI? Seeing your expressions it’s clear you don’t. How then can you possibly vote for an ordinance that elevates these letters to a civil right, with penalty of a $1500 fine for a violation!”
“This isn’t designed to prevent discrimination. This is designed to punish any dissenters to the LGBTQAI political power grab.”

Buckhannon joins Elkins and Parkersburg who have openly defeated similar ordinances.

A total of 190 of West Virginia’s 202 cities and towns, have either openly defeated similar efforts or have thus far, rejected the premise that there is a need to formally consider such divisive ordinances.

These ordinances are illegal in Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina, and soon in Texas. Yet the City of Beckley will take a similar, controversial vote next week.


West Virginia is under assault by a well-funded  pro-homosexual organization called Fairness West Virginia. This group usually seeks to coerce the Democrats and liberal Republicans on a council, to put these ordinances into place.

These ordinances give a substantial legal advantage to citizens who engage in homosexual behavior. And while local conservatives were sleeping, eleven West Virginia cities now have adopted them. Some include expensive fines. All include bankrupting lawsuits.

Harpers Ferry

When that homosexual behavior comes into conflict with religious citizens living in those cities, then the religious citizens are handicapped. If they openly disagree with same-sex marriage, or express their belief that there are only two sexes, while at work, then these ordinances guarantee that the religious objector is automatically in violation of the law.

A large crowd of opposition is expected at the Beckley City Council meeting. To contact the Beckley Council members and urge them to vote no, CLICK HERE.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is a policy lobbying group that defends faith, family and freedom in the Mountain State.


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