The Worst Kept Secret in West Virginia State Politics Is Now Public. Delegate Josh Higginbotham from Putnam County Announces, “I’m Gay”

By Allen Whitt (12 min read)

Sunday night on Twitter, West Virginia Republican State House Delegate Josh Higginbotham from Putnam County announced, “I’m gay.”

But the truth about healthy sexuality has not changed. And the Republican Party’s platform condemning the promotion of same-sex behavior has not changed. So now the Republican Party’s leadership must decide if they are going to continue to follow the truth that’s in their platform and reject the damning policy efforts by Delegate Josh Higginbotham.

He has sponsored every bill he could that seeks to legitimize sex- and gender-based public policy and then teach that radical, sinful policy to our children.


Higginbotham has become a spokesperson for the woke and is part of the reason our state and country’s culture is in a sexual-identity crisis.The Judeo-Christian values system that our laws are based on is under assault by LGBTQAI evangelists and their converts, like Higginbotham. So truth-tellers like the Family Policy Council and our allies must clearly communicate and speak with precise language when confronting them about their damaging worldview.

Precise truth: Regardless of how someone identifies, there is no such thing as a “straight” person, and there is no such thing as a “gay” person.


Of course, there are persons who claim they’re this or that, as Delegate Higginbotham has just done. But truth refutes those wrongheaded proclamations. Truth outs feeble attempts like this to convince oneself that sinful behavior is okay. These public proclamations are similar attempts to justify his unorthodox personal, human behaviors to others with the possibility of recruiting to his cause.


Some behaviors are deemed beneficial by both the God who created us and by society. These moral behaviors are affirmed in holy scripture and help sustain our culture.

Other behaviors are deemed less helpful, are affirmed neither by God nor by society, and should be avoided.


But this hot button issue that Higginbotham’s Twitter announcement brings forward yet again, is far bigger than just our decisions of what to do or not to do. This conflict of sinner vs. God has eternal consequences. It sparked off several millennia ago when the serpent deceived the first woman in the garden. She got scammed by untruth, gave in to her temptation, and let that temptation become forbidden behavior.


This God I mention goes by the name I AM.

When God was asked by Moses what his name was, He replied, “I AM.” Only He is worthy of simply being, and then being known by the simple name of I AM.


Everyone uses the expression but the default is usually as a shortcut for what we do. I’m a plumber. I am a lobbyist. I’m a stylist.

I emphasize God’s name of I AM here and the reverence it demands, because the scheme that Eve fell prey to is the same deception that brought about today’s headline. Today Higginbotham came out and said I AM gay. Tomorrow another pop star will come out and appropriate God’s name by claiming I AM Gender Non-binary like Sam Smith and Demi Leovato. Others will publicly affirm those who do.

Snake: Eve, you see that forbidden fruit? Well, you should know that it’s only forbidden because God is keeping the truth exclusively for himself. Not very inclusive of Him? He knows your sense of personal truth would be awakened. All you have to do is give in, engage the temptation, take what you desire, and you will be “like God.”


The enticing part of the Snake’s pitch to Eve wasn’t the deliciousness of the apple. The Snake knew that the feel-good part of any sinful behavior is temporary and can’t sustain an open rebellion against God. The real temptation was that she would be enlightened and awakened, and be able to say of herself, my pronoun is now I AM. I am the God of myself.

But here we are in the year of our Lord 2021 and folks are still being deceived to believe that they will become “like God” if only they will give in to their desires. The Snake is still pitching new identity.

What Delegate Josh Higginbotham did on Twitter yesterday was to publicly state that his truth about “my sexuality,” is as valid, EVEN MORE SO, than God’s “archaic” truth of exclusive heterosexuality and no sex outside of heterosexual marriage.

Higginbotham’s video post sounded like Eve had a Twitter account: “How could a real god condemn people because of what kind of fruit they love?”


Snake: Eat of the forbidden sexual tree, then you will become “like God.” Embrace your own personal truth.

I AM gay.

I AM no longer Bruce Jenner.

I AM pansexual and omni-gendered.

I AM my own sense of being. I AM my own morality, and that is MY truth.

I AM my own god.


Exposure to this nonsense is tsunami-level right now, especially because of well-funded, sin-affirming organizations in America like GLAAD, the ACLU, Fairness West Virginia, and the Human Rights Campaign. All promote sexual and gender heresy. They attack common sense. They attack biology. They attack God.


Higginbotham has been discipled by Fairness West Virginia for six years, ever since he lied to the Family Policy Council to get our endorsement and win election. Higginbotham likely experienced the only type of conversion therapy that actually exists.

Take a vulnerable, self-conscious teen that may already be struggling with who they are, and the Snake provides an affirming organization with a proud homosexual recruiter to offer sexual enlightenment. “We can show you who you really are, and then you will be able to say to the world I AM gay.” Or, if one prefers, I AM…followed by the charcuterie board of sex and gender options.


Yesterday’s 2:09 video tweet by Higginbotham announcing “I AM gay,” and “it’s ok to be a Republican and BE gay; it’s ok to be Christian and BE gay,” was the culmination of Fairness West Virginia’s conversion therapy. He thinks that coming out right in the middle of PRIDE month earned him major gay street cred. But as is always the case when Republicans try to get in with the woke, they will be used as a public trophy and paraded by the front of The Church in defiance.


The cultural conflict over sexuality is escalating at a rate not anticipated by many of our pulpit prophets. Most Christians are doing little more than sheltering in place during the June PRIDE bombardment. LGBTQAI dogma is being forced onto the vulnerable via any and all media. For the handful of corporations who still have Biblical morality as a part of their business model and refuse to participate, expect economic extortion until you capitulate (like Chick-fil-A)!


Caution: Side with the enemies of truth and you are directly responsible for destroying many more lives and damning many more souls than all the opioids in West Virginia.


Let me use precise language here followed by scripture. Any politician, any business, any parent, and any church that becomes a willing accomplice to undermine truth and mislead children into sexual sin faces eternal consequences.


“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.”

Mark 9:42 NIV


As a reminder, Delegate Josh Higginbotham currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the West Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Education. He directs part of the process of public and private education, the education of our children!

Monthly—sometimes weekly—now, we see another influencer “come out of the closet” as some sexual identity, gay, lesbian, glass-gender (yes glass-gender is a real thing in LGBTQAI speak).


We just saw a couple of weeks ago here in our state, in a heart-breaking announcement, a mother publicly affirm her prepubescent son’s gender confusion and offer him up to the ACLU as a legal pawn. The boy, who says he’s a girl, and his lawyers hope to overturn our new law that protects real girls from being forced to compete against males.


Just like Eve, these souls are also victims of Satanic deception. Still God’s loving guidance for behavior remains. The misapplication of passion and sexuality, two of the most powerful human behaviors, is still selfish and sinful. It’s still a willful act of defiance against the Creator today, just as it was in the Garden.


He clearly provides two exclusive, distinct sexes so that we may know the truth and avoid behaviors that misapply passion and eroticism and invoke God’s judgment.


Sadly, there are very powerful messengers influencing the culture for evil. Have you seen the All Kinds Welcome stickers on West Virginia’s businesses?Seen the #LoveIsLove bumper stickers? Seen the rainbows on everything? I’ll hand it to the marketers of gayness; #LoveIsLove is almost the perfect selling device to the weak Christian church in the U.S. It’s unassailable wording that trips up many Christians on this issue.


Most everyone by now has been overcome by the tsunami of the Madison Avenue-designed slogan #LoveIsLove. But be aware, that highly effective homosexual rainbow marketing is drowning children…and yesterday, 20-something politicians.

Sexual-politics victims clutch the surprisingly heavy #LoveIsLove identity and jump into the deep. When the public sees another “coming out” story, tragically, we are seeing their heads bobbing as they sink into the turbulent waters of spiritual deception.


But once they’re under for a while, they often become gay evangelists intent on recruiting others. Higginbotham and his disciplers are not just about “being” gay, they are also ardent defenders of the “Q” in LGBTQAI.


“Q” stands for queer, which has nothing to do with gay. Queer theory is the concept that one can be born the wrong sex. LGBTQAI evangelists expose children to this possibility. They plant destructive seeds of gender doubt in public school student’s curriculum and recently into Blues Clues cartoons. No child is too young to be a target for queer indoctrination.


Again, precise language of truth here: Promoting gender confusion is not love. Gender confusion is a treatable mental health disorder that lends itself to sinful behavior and should never facilitated by Republicans nor Christians!

Speak truth to the people you love: Real love is truth.


Misdirected eroticism towards the same sex, with its verified health risks, zero percent chance of creating God’s next generation of children, and skyscraper-high relationship failure rate, is not love. It’s just another spiritually-treatable form of lust.

When God forbids behaviors, especially popular, sensual ones, those of us who hold God as our ultimate authority still should not engage in those behaviors, nor affirm them in others. Even if, or especially when, they are our own children, members of our own church, or members of our own political party.


Our current societal conflict on this issue escalated to its supreme level when people became willing to not only defy God’s authority concerning these behaviors, but also audaciously partner as allies with the Snake to deceive the church to believe that God has been keeping the real truth about sexuality from them. “It’s ok to be gay And Christian.” Really Josh?


Woke sexual converts are emboldened to appropriate God’s name to herald their sexual and gender behaviors as the new righteousness.

I AM lesbian. I AM trans. I AM part of a throuple.


The current zeitgeist, values one’s own personal sexual truth as a bolder, fairer, redefined love. Who doesn’t want a “better” love that’s free of God’s hurtful and non-inclusive eternal consequences?


Christian messengers must be clear that LGBTQAI is a carefully strategized euphemism for sinful, harmful behavior. We don’t have such euphemisms for other sinful behaviors, like theft…we don’t refer to thieves as “self-gifters” and treat them as if being a “self-gifter” is simply “who they are.”


Thieves could proudly proclaim that self-gifting is merely part of their “orientation”  towards their true selves; therefore it couldn’t possibly be harmful behavior, and so for Christians to declare self-gifters to be sinners is just mean. DON’T BE MEAN, “Christians!”

True Christians, here is your loving message to those identifying as LGBTQAI: Turn from all wickedness so that you may be saved. To rename your sin to obfuscate it and play on the compassion of the merciful is another layer of sin. It’s called deception.


Yesterday on Twitter I publicly responded to his tweet and called for Josh Higginbotham’s resignation from his role as Vice Chair of Education and from the House of Delegates entirely.


He was deceptive, telling Republican voters that he supported their conservative platform on sexuality. He fraudulently obtained the Family Policy Council’s endorsement by lying on his candidate survey. And he espouses dangerous policy positions on sexuality that could influence, convert, and eternally condemn West Virginia children. He was a sponsor of the Fairness Act that would punish any business owner who disagreed with LGBTQAI dogma. In 2016 the Family Policy Commissioned a poll to ask typical voters of all parties if they supported such an invasive law as the Fairness Act. 93% disagreed and 83% strongly disagreed. Yet Higginbotham was still pushing it in 2012. All of these deceptions and dangers disqualify him for public office.


Speaker Roger Hanshaw should remove him as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Education and ask for his resignation from the House. But Higginbotham’s sexual behavior has been no secret to the House leadership team.

He was appointed by Hanshaw to be Vice-Chair of the House Education Committee and to the Republican Leadership Committee, which has the responsibility of recruiting other Republicans to run for the House. Higginbotham was the face of that recruitment effort for years and actively recruited other gay-identifying Republicans to run. So I have little hope for a change in role or a resignation. His family is reportedly worth $70 million. That’s a lot of candidate yard signs for the House’s Republican Leadership Committee PAC.


I urge Josh to reject the temptation of his new identity and all the hypocritical and sinful behaviors that go along with that. I urge him to repent and be granted absolution from both his sexual sin and his deception to hide that sin.


If Republicans or Christians grant deceivers like Josh Higginbotham public absolution from their sin and affirm their new identity appropriating I AM, then both will be condemned in God’s eyes. And hopefully in the eyes of Republican primary voters.

Any West Virginia candidates that will honor and uphold Christian values, contact us at


Allen Whitt is the President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, which is one of 40 state-based lobbing organizations that positively impact laws, lawmakers, and if necessary elections, to defend faith, family, and freedom.