The Family Policy Council of West Virginia Endorses Record Number of Democrats & Republicans for Primary


(the link above provides the entire list of endorsements)

Tuesday’s primary election is just days away and we’ve included the list of candidates that have received our endorsement for the primary. We reserve the right to remove these endorsements at any time and they are specifically for the primary election on May 10th. We will issue a separate list for the general election in November.Allen Whitt 2

Thirteen Democrats were endorsed in races for both houses, along with a longer list of Republicans. A combination of data was used to determine which candidate or candidates would be endorsed. That data in part included answers from a survey sent to all legislative candidates.(see questions below) Also votes from previous office holders factored in. We granted special dispensation to those office holders who have been willing to vote for freedom even on controversial issues. In a couple of races we determined both were fine candidates but one had more experience.

A negative score weighte
d any legislator that voted against issues of faith, family and freedom. It grew heavier if they also spoke against them or openly lobbied others against freedom. Legislators who go so far as to sponsor legislation deemed damaging to our mission, are considered for active campaign opposition by our West Virginia board of directors. Not every race received an endorsement.

We have vetted this list to the best of our ability and we have confidence that those recommended are candidates who are more than likely to consider faith, family values and the protection of religious freedom a priority. We hope this list helps you to make more informed choices Tuesday. Images are included below with the endorsements.

At the time of this release our web site was experiencing unexplained difficulty but the complete endorsement list will be available there asap.

Allen Whitt
Family Policy Council &
Family Policy Institute of West Virginia
Candidate Survey Questions (how would you have answered?)
  1. I would vote to create an education savings account so parents could choose to send their child to any public, private, religious or home school similar to Arizona and Nevada’s education savings accounts.☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree

2      I would vote to block any taxpayer money from being used to fund abortions including organizations like Planned Parenthood.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
3      City anti-discrimination ordinances should be expanded beyond the Supreme Court’s definition of immutable traits, like race, so that they also protect sexual practices and transgender behavior.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
4     I would vote for a law that prevent
s discrimination or penalties brought by the state against any person or business, because the person or business officially or privately expresses traditional beliefs about marriage. ☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
5      I would vote for a bathroom safety law that restores common sense and prevents the state from requiring private businesses to allow men into bath and locker room facilities marked for women. I would do so even if corporations and celebrities threatened economic penalties.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
6      Some end-of-life situations are tragic therefore physician-assisted suicide should be legal in West Virginia.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
7      A big company wants to relocate here and promises lots of new jobs. But first they demand we compromise on our first amendment rights of religious expression or no deal. I’d welcome new jobs but doing business here means respecting our values. West Virginia is not only a place for corporations to make a buck it’s the place where we make a life. A company’s values must adapt to our values or we’ll pass on your jobs.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
8      Existing businesses should be forced, under threat of state legal action, to use their professional and creative talent to affirm speech and participate in events. I.e. requiring a pro-life commercial real-estate owner to rent to an abortion clinic, requiring a pacifist insurance agent to cover an NRA gun show or requiring a Christian vocalist to sing love songs at a same sex wedding reception.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ sagreeDi
9     The sale of marijuana for recreational use created jobs in Colorado therefore I would vote to legalize pot in West Virginia to make up for our projected budget shortfall.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
10  Since most states already have this right, I would vote for a joint resolution creating a statewide vote to give our citizens the right to hold local referendums. This would allow local voters to approve or disapprove local acts of government without first getting the legislature to pass a law approving each referendum.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree
11  A scientific poll done in February found 93% of likely WV voters want the religious freedom that 28 other states have. 75% said they’re more likely to support a candidate that does too. I am part of the 93%. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed the House last session 72-26. I’ll vote for that version that gives needed protection against the state when it unjustly burdens our right of religious expression.
☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree