The Democrat Remnants of the West Virginia House

Proper Perspective – The Democrat Remnants of the West Virginia House

The Democrats’ chosen mascot is a donkey. Factcheck: True


Rush Limbaugh, may God rest his soul, once said it would be wise to keep one communist as a professor at every university so each generation of students could see an up-close example of how socialists think. The Democrats in the West Virginia House of Delegates now number only 23, and that number will likely shrink with the coming redistricting in 2022. What’s left of their party in the state House is primarily made up of hard-core, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-type socialists.

The House Democrats are led by Minority Leader Delegate Doug Skaff, whose DUI arrest in 2014, three weeks before election day, cost him a state Senate seat and likely any real political future in West Virginia. When he released the House Democrats’ 2021 agenda items, of course gay rights and more government control were at the top of their list.

And the House Democrats are not known for their civility. Minority Whip Delegate Shawn Fluharty, from Wheeling, went on the statewide radio show Metro News with Hoppy Kerchival on or about November 24th and stated that Family Policy Council of West Virginia President Allen Whitt was “sub-human” for daring to offer a dissenting voice to the Democratic party’s anti-family agenda.

Fluharty told Hoppy that he “shouldn’t give sub-humans like Allen Whitt a platform on [his] show.” The host privately acknowledged that Fluharty’s comment was over the line. This lack of statesmanship is common from House Democrats.

There’s also Delegate Danielle Walker from Morgantown, who is an Antifa sympathizer and a Planned Parenthood-endorsed Democrat. She recently promoted a convicted felon and drag queen for a children’s story time at one of the

Caught on video moving white people to the back.

Morgantown public library branches. And Walker, who is African-American, is a BLM race-baiter; she was caught on video demanding that all white people move to the back of the crowd at a recent protest.

Then there’s the vocal homosexual-identifying delegate from Elkins, Cody Thompson. He only won his first election in a reddish district, running a stealth campaign (not a peep about gay rights), with the financial support of the nation’s wealthiest pro-gay rainbow

Thompson won his election with the silent help of a gay political PAC.

PAC, called The Victory Fund. He’s become the poster child for appropriating civil rights by demanding legal protections for all of the opt-in LGBTQAI+ behavior on every bill he can. Like most pro-transgendered rights activists, he tries to force everyone to believe that behavior is an immutable trait, like skin color.

Democrat Delegate Mike Pushkin once saw Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt at a downtown Charleston restaurant with some female colleagues. He paid a waitress to deliver a fruity umbrella drink to Whitt’s table. It included a message: “Thanks for the best night of sex ever. Love Steve.” Pushkin later bragged about the disgusting prank to a Charleston radio host. But the House Democrats’ debased antics don’t top their hypocrisy.

Enraged House Delegate (now State Senator) Mike Caputo, just after he appropriated Bruce Lee by kicking the house chamber door and injuring a volunteer, all over a “Remember 9/11” poster displayed by a citizen.

Remember when all the Democrats lost their minds in 2019 over a 9/11 Twin Towers poster displayed at the Capitol by a private citizen that reminded West Virginians to never forget, and pointed out Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s promotion of pro-terrorist organizations? The Democrats claimed it was anti-Muslim racism. We point out an inconvenient truth here: The Democratic Party is led by President Joe Biden, who on February 16, 2021, dismissed the genocide of Chinese Muslim Uyghurs as a Chinese cultural different norm.”

And during a February 18th floor debate on the Hope Scholarship bill, Delegate Sean Hornbuckle, D-Cabell, brought up the possibility of the school vouchers going to fund an Islamic private school:

“I, myself, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, I love it all,” he said. “But that is my right, that is my choice. Now, while I might not agree with it, others feel the way they do. But that is their right. And I would venture to say, that there are some out there that might not be too happy, that we’re funding a Muslim school. I’m just going to say that.”

If a Republican had broached that subject so indelicately, on the House floor, the Democrats would have kicked down every door in the Capitol, even if they had to go get Senator Mike Caputo to help. Delegate, spare us any future faux outrage over manufactured xenophobia or anti-Muslin discrimination.

IV. Don’t Forget, the Democrats Have Been Canceled

The only place where cancel culture is a good thing is at the ballot box. Most of these Democrats’ allies got canceled by the West Virginia voters last November. But since they have media allies, they don’t actually realized they’ve been canceled. In 2021-22 you’ll still hear from the House Democrats in the local funny papers. (FYI: Minority Leader Doug Skaff has ownership in the Charleston Gazette.)

That’s already happened in 2021 as Democrats have used those media allies to make preposterous demands. They’ve called for various Republicans to be censured or removed from committees. Why? The Democrats’ go-to grievance is to claim racism or discrimination. The reality is that the Republican delegates are never allowed to object to Democrat hypocrisy. If they do so, they find themselves under attack from Democrat-owned news outlets with Democrat histrionics as the leading story.

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