Sued for not Promoting Homosexuality…Is West Virginia Next?

Sued for not Promoting Homosexuality…Is West Virginia Next?
Iowa Small Business Owners Sued for not Promoting Homosexuality…Is Indiana Next?

Opponents of Indiana’s Marriage Amendment often argue that we don’t need a constitutional amendment because we already have a state statute that protects marriage.  30 states now have marriage protection within their constitutions.  Most of those states, if not all, had a marriage statute prior to passage of their marriage amendment.  They understood that marriage is under attack by Leftist activists nationwide and that if they didn’t protect themselves they would be targeted.

Iowa is a great example of why Indiana must pass our Marriage Amendment.  Like Indiana, Iowa had a statute defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Also, like Indiana, Iowa’s Supreme Court had not ruled on the constitutionality of their statute.  In Iowa a rogue judge overturned their marriage statute, which was upheld by their Iowa Supreme Court, forcing same-sex marriage upon that state without a vote by the people.

Now small business owners in Iowa, like Betty and Richard Odgaard (their story is in the video below), are being attacked by activits who wish to shut them up and shut their business down.

Please watch this short video and hear their story.  We must protect small business owners (who create the majority of jobs) in Indiana.  We must pass Indiana’s Marriage Amendment.


Original post by RYAN.MCCANN on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2013. See more here.

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