Socialists on Charleston Committee Ram Through Bill Banning Christian Therapists

Ambush at the Rules Committee. NO Opposition Allowed!


The rules Committee of the Charleston City Council last night abandoned the posted agenda items, failed to even read the controversial ordinance that bans parents from taking sexually-confused children and teens to a licensed counselor. But passed it anyway 6-1. Socialists on Charleston Committee rammed through a bill to the full council banning Christian therapists.

A local lesbian-identifying woman was allowed to present a tear-filled tale from 1997 about how her parents took her to a counselor and the counselor made her talk about her same-sex feelings. That made her suicidal she said.


The woman’s story may be 100% true or it may be the incidious manipulations of an attention-seeking pathological liar. She admitted in her testimony that she was willing to tell lies to escape from her parent’s house to a boarding school.

We may never know the validity of her story but it’s irrelevant now. At the completion of the emotional presentation the progressives ended any attempt to let opposing voices speak and rammed the bill forward 6-1, to its final vote next Monday night August 2nd.
This is the standard mode of operation for progressives. We call it the parade of horribles. They trot out individuals on parade in front of a council or legislature or the media with horrible personal stories. True or not true, as long as they pull at the heart strings.

Then at the height of emotion demand mob action to pass anti-constitutional, rights-stealing law. In this case, the parents of Charleston will no longer have the right to take a troubled child to counseling unless that counselor affirms same-sex and transgender behavior as normative.

Any counselor recorded making hetero-affirmative statements will be fined and or lose their license.
Opposing voices will be heard next Monday night, so hurry back from vacation West Virginians.

Allen Whitt President of the Family Policy Council warned.

“Stop this now or it will spread like Men in ladies rooms ordinances to every Democrat-controlled city council in the state.”

Stay tuned for updates