RINO Sen. Jeff Flake Is Exactly the Reason Why Patrick Morissey Must Be Elected U.S. Senator

Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, hates President Trump and is not seeking reelection because his left-leaning views would not have survived the expected primary challenge. But Flake, who is friendlier with Democrat Senators than Republican, used the razor-thin 51-49 margin of the U.S. Senate to exert his moderate roar today. He caved to the pressure of the Democrat’s delaying tactic and declared that he would vote to move Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation forward to the full floor but would not vote for the nominee unless a useless FBI investigation is undertaken.

This is exactly why Patrick Morissey must be elected to the U.S. Senate. We must not allow a lone liberal Republican to continue to torture a good Supreme Court nominee like Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Manchin has been complicit in this public excoriation of a good man. My fellow West Virginians, for the sake of America, Manchin must not be reelected.

Click photo for Senator Jeff Flake’s flake-out.