Republican Senate President Mitch Carmichael Encourages Planned Parenthood and Gay Activists at WV Capitol Rally

State Capitol Building, Charleston, WV. Feb 8, 2018 – Today at the capitol rotunda, West Virginia’s Republican Senate President Mitch Carmichael, was introduced as the state’s “number one champion for LGBT rights.”

Carmichael was warmly introduced by the executive director of Fairness West Virginia, Andrew Schneider. Schneider introduced Carmichael as “Our hero, our champion,” to shrill applause from the various left-wing activists in attendance, including Planned Parenthood operatives.

Fairness West Virginia is the best-funded and most powerful lobbying group seeking to exclude orthodox Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals and Catholics from the marketplace if those citizens attempt to live out their religious beliefs concerning the sanctity of traditional marriage. So the hypocrisy of today’s rally title, All Kinds Welcome, was not lost on those business owners who have been sued because they support diversity.

More specifically those religious victims who have been sued because they support diversity of thought. All kinds are welcome…unless you run a business in one of ten WV cities. All kinds are welcome unless you live there and run that business according to a faith that believes humankind is a binary biological species comprised of two complimentary sexes, male and female. Period.

Carmichael, first publically displayed his opposition in 2016, to West Virginia’s Republican platform supporting traditional marriage. Even though the federal government and 21 other states have already passed a protective law, he partnered with Fairness West Virginia, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and All Kinds Welcome, to prevent our religious freedom bill, (that passed 72-26 in the House,) from becoming law.

In a successful effort that killed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Senator Carmichael tearfully quoted Scripture and pleaded on the floor of the WV Senate for his fellow senators to defend a poison pill amendment that elevated sexual desire up equal to a civil right, like race or religion.

Today’s rally was the second year for a combined gathering of different sections of progressive ideology under the multi-colored banner organization called All Kinds Welcome. Carmichael has now headlined the event both years. And only the most extreme of all the house and senate Democrats joined him, including newly appointed State Senator Steven Baldwin from Lewisburg. Baldwin a Presbyterian minister, offered an encouraging prayer of success for the activists, including the pro-abortion organizations there.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council said, “The single greatest obstacle to passing laws that would protect West Virginia’s faithful from unjust state persecution, continues to be Senator Mitch Carmichael from Ripley. Carmichael has been a consistent ally of the homosexual/transgender rights effort here in West Virginia. Their primary goal is to deny practicing citizens the right to live out their religious beliefs concerning sexuality and marriage.”

Senator Carmichael is one heartbeat away from being governor (at least for 90 days) if something happened to Governor Justice. And he has clearly been positioning himself for a gubernatorial race after that 90 days, which the WV Constitution requires. Considering that unfortunate possibility, one would think a candidate for governor would pay more heed to recent polling that determined 80% of WV bipartisan voters strongly prefer candidates that support a citizen’s right to live AND work according to their beliefs.

The most troubling part of having the second most powerful politician in the state being the “hero” to gay rights causes, is not just that he’s abandoned his own party’s political platform. Not just the party platform but the majority of the voters on biblical sexuality as well. The worst part is that he is willingly or unwittingly participating in the effort to establish a new unofficial State religion.

The founding fathers built protections into the First Amendment against establishing an official State religion but the progressives have been developing an unofficial one for decades in America. And now they have a celebrated ally in West Virginia who is facilitating those efforts.

Carmichael’s encouraging address at today’s rally was a perfect example of a worship service of that proposed unofficial state religion. It’s called inter-sectionalism.

The left has realized that many of their causes represent far too few people to be taken seriously. So they have now begun to interlink different sections of progressivism together like a chain. The global warming section is now linked to the pro-abortioon section which links to the pro-gay rights movement that links to the Black Lives Matter activism and so on and so on.

This inter-sectionalism has its own belief system just like a religion with orthodoxy that requires a blind progressive faith concerning positions on all current controversial topics: sexuality, “reproductive health,” race, recycling, hate speech, never-ending levels of victimhood and so forth. Inter-sectionalism even has it’s own religious confession and lingo. Admitting white privilege is the new confession and “woke” is the new ‘saved.’

Carmichael is a Methodist yet he can be an inter-sectionalist. Baldwin is a Presbyterian and yet he can also be an inter-sectionalist. Patriots in West Virginia and anywhere in America, educate yourselves on this new State religion and fight against its advocates with all your might.

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