Reminder For Trump Hating Conservatives…Biden Seeks to Punish Non-Supportive Parents of the Sexually Confused

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Foundation is seeking to punish the parents of sexually confused teens. For parents who recognize that their children are lost in a time of sexual bombardment are being targeted by Biden’s Foundation. Thankfully most astute parents identify gender dysphoria and gender dysmorphia (aka transgenderism,) is a serious mental health concern and must be properly treated. But ole Joe says it will cost you for not affirming the “civil right” of your male child to enter into hormone therapy. He says the parent is the problem if a female child wants to have her breasts removed to resemble a male.

For all the President Trump haters out there who are having a hard time managing that with this administration, like with all, you have to take the good with some of the not-so-good. (ie picking unnecessary fights with NBA players.) However we’d rather have the President pick a fight with EVERY basketball and football player and throw in horse-racing jockeys to make it more interesting. We’d rather see that octagon match anytime rather than this despicable effort underway by the former Vice President Joe Biden.