Religious Freedom Restoration Act Takes First Major Step Towards Law

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act cleared it’s first hurdle Wednesday and passed 16-9 out of the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Delegate John Shott. The road to becoming law has several more votes for the Freedom bill. At least 3 more in both the house and the senate. If the governor vetoes the bill then there could be two additional so for now be encouraged that this good bill withstood an hours-long assault by several democrats and one republican.

Plan to see increased local and national media opposition to this bill. The law is legally sound and has real benefits to every West Virginian. But there are always those who will oppose freedom. Make sure you check back here to get the truth. In the days and weeks to come you will hear many, many lies about what the bill does. Lying and gathering many allies to lie with you about this bill has been the approach of our opposition in several other states.

Pray for our staff and volunteers during this intense time of spiritual oppression. But for now we celebrate a first-step victory. Also Just A $5 Donation will keep us going through the rest of the session please click HERE to help us continue this fight for our freedom.
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