Religious Freedom Passes First House Vote

Religious Freedom Bill Up for Second Vote Tomorrow

HB4012 Passed It’s Standard Administrative First Reading Tuesday

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Vote #3: House of Delegates Second Reading Tomorrow on the Floor at 11:00 a.m

There have been two votes, both passed! May be as many as nine more to go. Tuesday’s administrative vote on HB4012 passed as expected on a voice vote. It will be considered in full floor debate on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

We have heard from many delegates from both parties and there are a lot of good men and women who will defend religious freedom tomorrow.

We’ve also heard from some who might not vote with us. They’ve been getting your calls and emails and they find it awkward when they can’t say yes. We are praying that God changes their hearts. Sometimes even good legislators make an occasional bad decision. But this one would hurt all people of faith.

There’s going to be snow tomorrow so be careful. But if you can possible come there are 175 seats in the house gallery. Get a YES on HB4012  Sticker from one of our volunteers up there. Your presence just might make the difference to some voting.
If you’ve never called a legislator…now is the time. Be polite and ask for a yes! 
Try these 13 members: 

Hey Delegate _________, We know being a legislator sometimes requires hard decisions and I’m sure you’re capable of making the right one tomorrow. Please Vote YES for Religious Freedom and for West Virginia.
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When we put this request up for A $5 Donation to keep us going we had no idea how generous you would be. WE are honored to serve you. Please click HERE and join the fight for our freedom.

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