Protect the Court: Scary America Rally Announced



Can’t make it to the rally? Then please send us a treat to show your support


Click photo to hear President Allen Whitt discuss the rally on the radio



Protect the Supreme Court!


Sponsored by The Family Policy Institute of West Virginia


There’s some scary stuff happening in America right now and we don’t mean Halloween. Bring the kids to our rally and use Halloween as a scary civics class on the separation of powers. 

As Christians we’re not big on Halloween but some folks need to get scared straight about what America is going to look like if West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin goes back on his word and allows President Biden to pack the Supreme Court with progressive liberals!


An independent judiciary is the last safeguard of our civil liberties.

Join Us on October 30th

4:00-6:00 p.m.

20 Minutes north of Charleston

I-77 Exit 116 @ the Rippling Waters Convention Center

  • Come Hear Politicians Speak (what’s scarier than that!)
  • Help us encourage Senator Manchin to hold the line on freedom!
  • Live Music
  • Candy for the kids (before the rationing begins)

  • Costumes: Come dressed as what America will look like if Senator Manchin gives in and lets progressives rule our country (Be creative)

Prizes for the most elaborate Scary America costume & Best group costume


Can’t make it to the rally? Then please send us a treat to show your support


and Call Senator Manchin 202-224-3954

“Please don’t allow our Supreme Court to be packed”


Want to do more then go to and sign our petition


Expanding the membership of the United States Supreme Court is nothing more than a transparent, partisan scheme to achieve purely political objectives and exercise raw power

This is a transparent scheme in pursuit of raw political power


Come Join Us October 31st

4:00 p.m.

(Click the Scary Pumpkins to get an email with the location)