Passed Legislation in 2021

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The Family Policy Council of West Virginia’s allies are entering more than a dozen new bills this 2021 legislative session. If adopted, all will protect Churches and citizens of faith from unjust persecution by the state government of West Virginia. All of them are badly needed and we are going to need your help to get them passed.


Education Savings Accounts Bill: This bill would give taxpayers back part of their property taxes so that every West Virginian has the ability to afford private schooling or homeschooling if they choose to.

For the first time ever some parents could afford to send their children to Christian school.


Religion is Essential Act: The Religion is Essential Act ensures that churches and other religious organizations receive equal or better treatment during a public crisis, allowing them to remain open on the same terms as other businesses and services that are deemed essential. It further protects religious organizations against government discrimination based upon the organizations’ religious identity or activities.


Child Welfare Providers Protection Act: The Child Welfare Providers Protection Act ensures that adoption and foster care providers remain free to work with the state to find loving, forever homes for kids.

Adoption agencies do some of God’s best work on earth. They should be left alone to serve God and not forced to do things God doesn’t approve of and endanger children.


Save Women’s Sports Act: The Save Women’s Sports Act is designed to protect
opportunities for women and girls in athletics by ensuring women are not forced to
compete against men playing on women’s sports teams.

Right now West Virginia high school girls can be forced to compete against confused males.


Patient Self-Determination Protection Bill: This Act protects the freedom of mental healthcare professionals to provide counseling and other mental healthcare services to help clients achieve their self-determined goals related to sexuality or identity.

Every mental health patient should have access to the counseling they want to overcome unwanted sexual behaviors regardless of what they are.


Religious Freedom Restoration Act: RFRA protects religious freedom from government infringement by providing a sensible balancing test to weigh two very important interests: religious liberty and the rule of law. RFRA ensures that every American—regardless of belief system or political power—receives a fair hearing when government action seeks to force that person to violate his or her religious beliefs.

Federal prisoners currently have more religious freedom than West Virginia citizens do against state government overreach.


Human Life Non-Discrimination Act: The Human Life Non-Discrimination Act limits abortions performed for reasons of sex-selection, race-selection, disability, or chromosomal or genetic anomalies.

We wanted a boy so we aborted three girls.


Medical Ethics and Diversity Act: The Medical Ethics and Diversity Act (MED Act) protects the conscience rights of medical practitioners and healthcare entities.

Should Wheeling or any random WV city be able to take away a doctor’s license for living according to their Christian faith?


Parents Bill of Rights: This act would protect the right of parents to raise their children how they wish, free of government overreach. This includes the right to educate your children, have freedom of medical choice for children, and the freedom of raising children in a religious manner.

Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act: The FORUM Act preserves colleges campuses “marketplace of ideas” by ensuring that a college may not ban students from engaging in expressive activity on campus, so long as the student’s conduct is lawful and does not disrupt the functioning of the college. It further protects the free association rights of student clubs and organizations.

Live and Let Live Act: The Live and Let Live Act prohibits the government from discriminating against certain individuals and organizations because of their beliefs regarding marriage or what it means to be female and male. It further ensures that those individuals and organizations cannot be compelled—either by the government or through a lawsuit initiated by a private party—to engage in conduct that conflicts with their beliefs, or be punished or discriminated against for declining to engage in conduct that conflicts with their beliefs.

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We love West Virginia’s conservative Facebook posters. We support West Virginia’s patriots on Twitter. We laugh at biting memes on Instagram from Christians that really demonstrate the lunacy of liberalism. However we need more than that from you to actually change the law to protect faith, family and freedom in West Virginia.

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We sincerely thank you in advance,

Allen Whitt


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