Pro-Life Day at the Legislature

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Opponents of abortion turned out at the state Capitol Tuesday for Pro-Life Day at the Legislature.

West Virginians For Life Legislative Liaison John Carey was a guest on MetroNews Talkline. He told Hoppy Kercheval WVFL hopes to get two new pieces of pro-life legislation through the House and Senate this session.

Photo by Hoppy Kercheval

The first deals with Obamacare coverage of abortions.

“[The bill] would ensure that when a person purchases insurance through the health care exchange, they are not going to be funding abortion either through taxpayer dollars or through their dollars directly,” explained Carey.

Carey said those who want coverage that includes abortion care would be able to purchase an outside plan separately. It would not prevent them from being covered under the Health Care Act for other medical conditions.

“This is an opportunity for the Legislature to finally bring clarity to an issue of Obamacare that’s increasingly confusing,” according to Carey.

Currently 25 states have adopted health care plans that do not pay for abortions.

The second piece of legislation is called the Fetal Pain bill. Carey said scientists have proven that the unborn begin to feel pain at 8 weeks. The bill would deny abortion access to pregnant women who are 20-months or more along unless there are health considerations.

“What we’re saying is pain and anguish is harm. So the state has a right to protect that child from harm. So there shouldn’t be abortions except for cases where the mother is going to die or there would be some traumatic harm to the mother,” stressed Carey.

The legislative liaison admits the insurance-related bill has more of a chance than the Fetal Pain bill. He said at this point, West Virginia has some of the most liberal laws on the books when it comes to abortion, even though voters tend to be more conservative.

“There are nine states in this country that allow a baby to be aborted all nine months. West Virginia is one of those states. There’s only six states in this country that fund it. West Virginia is one of those states,” said Carey.

The National Right to Life Committee is backing both proposals.



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