Pro-LGBT Protestors Occupy Fairmont Restaurant Tuesday Night, Threaten Trouble, Owner Cancels Wednesday Lunch Event

A meeting of Fairmont pastors and other concerned citizens has been canceled under threats of upheaval and potential violence from pro-LGBT activists.
Wednesday’s invited speaker for the weekly held meeting, which was advertised on a local Facebook page was Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council.


The Fairmont City Manager Robin Gomez, along with Fairmont City Council Member Marianne Blocker Moran stirred controversy earlier in Tuesday by posting inflammatory comments on the Family Policy Council’s Facebook page. They accused our members and supporters of promoting hate and bigotry for daring to oppose their ordinance.


Wednesday’s lunch was promoted as an opportunity to hear Whitt describe how Parkersburg recently organized opposition to, and defeated a controversial city ordinance. Fairmont is considering a similar ordinance that will add sexual orientation and gender identity to protected classes.
This would effectively allow men to enter women’s public showers and bathrooms with legal protection. It would force private business owners and some churches to comply as well. Fairmont has scheduled a public hearing to consider adopting this ordinance on September 12th and the majority of citizens oppose it.
But now the opposition meeting that was scheduled in Fairmont at noon Wednesday, at a restaurant called the Poky Dot, (stock photo from their site above) has been cancelled under threat of additional potential protests and violence.
Reports from the owner at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night were that protesters were currently occupying the restaurant. And that they threatened more upheaval Wednesday if management allowed the President of the Family Policy Council, Allen Whitt to speak at the meeting.
Local citizen and former candidate for State House, Phil Mallow has held a regularly scheduled weekly luncheon at this restaurant and time for years. Whitt was the invited guest speaker. But Tuesday night the occupiers threatened the management with additional “trouble” Wednesday. So the owner of the Polka Dot restaurant contacted Mallow out of concern for the safety of his employees.
Out of an abundance of caution the event has been canceled for Wednesday and a private meeting will be rescheduled. 
Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council, published an initial reaction on the Family Policy Council’s Facebook page:
“The proposed sue and settle shakedown scheme being pushed by Fairmont’s City Manager, Robin Gomez, along with other members of Fairmont’s city council is complete hypocrisy.”
“They claim it promotes diversity when in fact it eliminates any diversity of thought on the topic of sexuality, under penalty of law.”
“You either see sexuality according to the city’s progressive ideals or be sued out of business. If you dare have a differing opinion on traditional marriage or on the biological sex of children, then as a Fairmont business owner or Church you’ve got trouble coming.”
“Don’t publicly differ from the new ‘human rights commission.’ If you do then you are brought before a tribunal and punished or sued.”
“The pro-LGBT political allies of the City Manager Robin Gomez who occupied that restaurant Tuesday night, and who made threats to disrupt that private business, are examples of the types of people who would likely be appointed to the ‘human rights council,’ that the new ordinance would create.”
“These despicable tactics of threat and intimidation should be publicly denounced by all Fairmont city officials.”
“This sad turn of events should provide Fairmont’s citizens with all the proof they need that this proposed ordinance is bad for their city.”
The Family Policy Council is a faith-based charity that defends faith, family and freedom in West Virginia and donations to their efforts can be made online here: