Pro-Family Texas Legislators Kill 100 Good Business Bills and House Budget to Move Forward One GREAT Bill for Women’s Safety

Late Sunday and early Monday, Texas family-values-motivated legislators advanced a version of an incredibly courageous bill protecting women in private spaces. In previous days several pro-family legislators demonstrated one of the boldest political moves in the country by delivering consequences to the money-motivated Republicans for continuously betraying family-values-motived Republicans.

The Texas Senate weeks ago passed a bill protecting women and girls in private spaces. The effort has more than enough votes in the House to pass but the Speaker of the House refuses to let the senate bill come up for a vote.


This is similar to what just happened in West Virginia’s Legislature concerning the movement to legalize an elicit drug.  But the moral positions of the two Speakers are opposite.  The Texas Speaker hold’s an immoral position trying to stop a good bill. The West Virginia Speaker held a moral position and was trying to stop a horrible bill.

The Speaker of the West Virginia House Tim Armstead wisely understood that the legalized “medical” pot movement was just a veiled attempt to legalize recreational pot and opposed it. The leftists who never cared about West Virginia citizens, were pushing legalization under the guise of possibly, maybe, sometimes kinda helping sick people, (who just happen to favor legalizing recreational pot.)

Speaker Armstead would have appropriately prevented the outrageous bill from getting a vote in the House. But in a rebellious move 19 House Republicans, (who had been fooled by well-coordinated pro-pot lobbyists,) joined all 36 Democrats and denied the Speaker his right to lead. They especially denied him his right to lead with moral authority. By voting to take the issue out of his hands and instead send the pot-smoking bill directly to the floor for a vote, it became law and West Virginia’s legislature should be ashamed. But there is no shame. The current roar from even some Republicans is that it didn’t go far enough! WE WAN’T EVEN MORE POT! CHANGE IT GIVE US EVEN MORE SMOKE NEXT YEAR!

So flip the moral coin back to Texas and a group of moral legislators coordinated an effort last weekend to halt the immoral behavior of the Texas Speaker. By maneuvering to get the Women’s Safety Act out of his hands and back into the Texas Senate’s control it keeps the possibility alive. So as a declaration of their commitment to religious freedom and to common sense protections for women, several family-values-motivated legislators mounted an Alamo-level act of bravery. The goal by the family-values-motivated Republicans was to stall progress on all bills, on the deadline day, including the House version of a budget. By doing so they successfully killed more than 100 business bills, plus the House budget.

These family-values-motivated Republicans would normally have voted for the pro-business bills. But a money-motivated Republican currently holds the Speaker of the House’s gavel, and he has for years blocked bills wanted by family-values-motivated Republicans. That “Republican Speaker” was elected several years ago in the Texas House with the help of Democrats who oppose socially conservative bills.

Finally a group of heroes, faith warriors who just happened to be wearing R’s on their political jerseys, set fire to a bunch of business bills that would have resulted in dollar bills for everyone. That stung money-motivated Republican’s and some of them called the family-values-motivated Republicans a band of pirates. It was clearly directed at the money-motivated Republicans and the effort had expensive consequences. Those were followed up with a warning that more of the same can be expected going forward if money-motivated “Republicans” continue to support a Speaker of the House that stands against religious freedom and common sense protection for women and girls.

Voting against protecting women and little girls in private spaces is not a Republican vote, yet the Texas Speaker continues his roadblock. But because of this recent bravery these common sense protections in showers, locker rooms, changing areas and other private spaces for women and girls, is revived in the senate budget bill which the Speaker can’t block because his version died.

Killing the Texas’ House budget was one of the boldest political moves in the country. Texas’ legislature only meets every other year. But it gave the very conservative Texas Senate control of the language of the “MUST PASS” budget.

It’s time for family values-motivated Republicans in West Virginia to follow the Texas example and rise up and be heard in our senate where we have a similar roadblock against protecting women and girls in Senate President Mitch Carmichael. The 2018 legislative session begins in just 30 weeks.

Please help us fight this fight. The deadline for registering to run for the state house or senate is just 32 weeks away. We need your help with our expenses to train a few more family-values-motivated candidates here in West Virginia. Even $5.00 would help.  Click here to donate online!  

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