Candidate Survey 2018

Candidate Survey 2018

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia attempts to send an issues survey to every candidate running in the  West Virginia general election with a posted email. Unless a candidate has lied to us on a past survey. In which case we don’t bother with them. Lying on a survey adds a candidate to our DO NOT VOTE FOR LIST. Below is the survey for the 2018 general election.

We can’t make any candidate reply to our survey but if you’d like to make sure your candidate answers our questions, you can send them this 2018 General Election Candidate Survey link and ask them to return The Family Policy Council’s  survey:

We invite everyone to review the candidate’s answers to the questions and then grab the completed survey links from here and then post them to your social media and hit share.

Only candidates that score 100% are eligible for endorsement or contributions from the Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

Survey Questions:

    1. Creating Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s,) allows all parents the choice to send their child to any public, private, religious or home school without paying for education twice, once to the county and twice for tuition. My position:

    ☐Teacher’s unions oppose ESA’sand I back the union. I don’t believe parents should have a choice. I’ll focus more on public teacher pay, PEIA and benefits.

    ☐I believe WV should join 43 other states that have passed public school-choice laws and I’ll vote to let parents choose the best education for their family.

    1. I support Amendment #1 on the November 6thballot which makes clear that the West Virginia State Constitution does NOT express any right to an abortion, thereby removing the argument that it’s appropriate for taxpayer funds to pay for abortions.

    ☐I support Amendment #1

    ☐I oppose Amendment #1

    1. Vanderbilt, the University of Iowa and others have recently begun to punish faith-based student groups on campus if they have rules requiring that their members and leadership adhere to the Bible or Torah or the Koran’s teachings on sexuality. We need a Campus Free-Speech Protection bill to prevent WVU, Marshall or any other public college, from restricting free speech rights and from engaging in this form of viewpoint discrimination against religious student groups.

    ☐Disagree, free speech can be harmful and can trigger hurt feelings, no student group should be allowed to discriminate based on a student’s sexual behavior.

    ☐Agree, the constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of association, may not be restricted on our campuses in this manner and I will sponsor or vote for a bill protecting these rights of our students.

    1. Ten WV city councils, under the guise of non-discrimination, have removed private business owners’ rights to express traditional beliefs about marriage or face lawsuits and fines. Hiring, firing and real estate leasing have all been negatively impacted. I will support state legislation that will:

    ☐Further sexually-focused civil rights activism

    ☐Reign in activist city councils to protect private property rights to follow current state law on civil rights

    ☐I don’t have the political courage to answer/or just leave blank

    5.I encourage West Virginia to join Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina and pass a private spaces safety law. I’ll vote for common sense and prevent the state from requiring private businesses allow men into bath and locker room facilities marked for women.

    ☐I Disagree. No LGBTQAI person, regardless of their genes or biology, should ever be denied access to showers or baths of their choice. That’s discrimination.

    ☐I Agree, humans are a binary species, male and female. I’ll back legislation protecting the privacy, dignity and safety of women and girls. I’ll vote to keep private business owners from fines or lawsuits if they operate facilities where citizens may be disrobed, and the owner or management designates the usage by biology.

    6.Physician-assisted suicide should be legal in West Virginia.

    ☐Yes, but only in situations that are tragic

    ☐Disagree, all life has value till natural death

    7.Multiple WV legislators sponsored legislation the last three sessions that would ban a sexually-confused teen from voluntarily seeking counseling from a licensed therapist. The Youth Mental Health Protection Act would put Christian or Orthodox Jewish therapists out of business. It bans parents from using their services unless the therapist agrees to promote homosexual, sexual-activity as normative. If the talk therapy includes any heteronormative statements the therapist loses her license. My position:

    ☐Disagree, these bills are progressive, totalitarianism cloaked in a helpful-sounding name. Both parents and sexually-confused teens need to have access to therapy that meets their personal goals. If a teen wishes to stop engaging in some behaviors then she should have access to professionals who may help her achieve her goals. Licensed therapists in WV must have freedom of speech and the freedom of religious expression to engage in their work efforts free of government overreach.

    ☐Agree, this is the concept promoted by LGBTQAI activists as conversion therapy, an attempt by religiously-based zealots to convert gay kids into being straight.

    8.Gambling is a good way to tax West Virginia into prosperity. Most of the legislature last session voted to legalize sports betting since it was already happening, may as well tax it for revenue. My position:      

    ☐Disagree, we can’t gamble our way to prosperity and I will not vote to expand gambling in any way.

    ☐Agree, it was just tax money left on the table, why not take it? I want video lottery machines in every bar, and gas station, and family restaurant that wants them, like the new ones in Buffalo Wild Wings in Charleston.

    ☐Agree, we should also legalize and tax prostitution since that’s already happening, Nevada did. Maybe we could give the teachers another raise with the revenue from legalized southern WV brothels.

    9.The city of Fairmont, built into their charter the right to hold citizen-driven referendums. Local voters may approve or disapprove any city ordinances, especially if they exceed or conflict with Federal and state law, also if the ordinance creates new legal burdens for businesses. Fairmont is rare, most WV citizens don’t have this right. I’ll support a state law giving all WV citizens the same rights to petition and hold referendums on municipal ordinances.

    ☐Disagree, city councils should be left alone to exceed the legislature’s wishes

    ☐Agree, all citizens should absolutely have the right to petition and challenge ordinances via referendum

    10.What is the price of your first amendment rights? Amazon is looking for a new HQ. They are promising to invest five billion dollarsand employ tens of thousands in a new state. But what if Amazon demands the West Virginia legislature religious freedom to build here?  What if their terms require {there shall be no laws letting citizens push back against state persecution, based on the new LGBT sexual orthodoxy.} What is your position?

    ☐I don’t care about religious freedom we have bigger fish to fry, $$ money is green, bring on Amazon, we need jobs more than we need religious gobbledygook.

    ☐I’d like to see industry relocate to West Virginia but not at that heavy a price. This is not just where we make a buck. It’s where we make our lives.

    ☐I don’t have the political courage to answer/or just leave blank