Popular Pastor Warns Against Weed: Marijuana is ‘Destructive, Mood Altering’

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John Piper, a prominent theologian and pastor, penned a blog post Thursday highlighting why he believes Christians should avoid recreational marijuana use.

Titled “Don’t Let Your Mind Go to Pot,” the piece argues that there are two specific “biblical truths” that show why weed isn’t something believers should partake in.

Popular Preacher John Pipers Blog Post About Marijuana Wont Go Over Well With Christians Who Smoke the Drug

First, Piper argued that the human body is “the temple of the Holy Spirit” — and second, he posited that “God gave us minds and hearts to know him and love him and discern his will.”

He proceeded to provide advice he’d take if he were raising children in today’s culture.

“If I were raising kids again today, I would say, ‘Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are not your own. You were bought with Jesus’s blood. Ask, Is this making Jesus look like the treasure he is?” Piper wrote.

He continued, “I would ask this about smoking, about drunkenness, about recreational marijuana, about sedentary indolence, about overeating, about banal TV watching, and lots of other things.”

Piper went on to note that he would also drive home the importance of keeping one’s body clean and ensuring a clear and sound thinking process. At the center of this argument is Piper’s belief that “God-given powers” should not be dulled by any drug.

He concluded his argument by posing the question: “Can you commend Christ authentically to your friends during a marijuana high?”

In focusing on his second argument, he cited 1 Corinthians 14:20, a Bible verse that encourages goodness and mature thinking.

“Don’t become an experienced sinner to learn the folly of sin. Be willing to be an inexperienced baby when it comes to sharing in mind-clouding drugs,” Piper wrote. “Be ruthlessly clear-headed. Let the herd stampede over the cliff without you. Use your mind to warn them, not join them.”

The preacher did address medicinal marijuana, noting that he isn’t personally opposed to it. Caffeine and alcohol were also tackled in the article, though he pointedly disassociated the former from marijuana.

While Piper said that weed is a “mood-altering, mind-altering drug,” he contended that caffeine actually sharpens processing and does not impair reality. As for alcohol, he noted that drunkenness presents similar problems when it comes to impairment.

“The point here is mainly to say that those who live to make much of Christ will want to turn away from marijuana and other destructive, mood-altering drugs, and move toward clear-eyed seeing and lucid thinking for the glory of God,” he concluded.

The blog post comes at a time when states like Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational use; other states could follow suit.