Planned Parenthood Sponsors Parkersburg GAY PRIDE Picnic

Planned Parenthood was a prominent sponsor of the Parkersburg GAY PRIDE picnic held last weekend.

Last fall the Family Policy Council of West Virginia assisted the good citizens of Parkersburg in defeating a pro-homosexual, pro-trans, “Men in Ladies’ Rooms” ordinance. It was defeated because the city council members realized all the good work faith-based organizations do for their city and it would be those groups that would experience frivolous lawsuits if the ordinance passed.


So the pro-homosexual groups have begun a PR effort to elevate their community image up to the same level as the helpful churches. Look at the photo. See who they chose to sponsor their first big community GAY PRIDE picnic? Reports say some city council members attended the Planned Parenthood funded event.


Do not be deceived. These groups are never about protecting the vulnerable. They certainly aren’t about attracting new business. They are a Trojan horse for every leftwing political cause including the murder of the unborn.


Please help us to push back against those that would would kill a baby or extort a Christian business owner just for living out their beliefs at work.

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