Peter Thiel Is Now A Prominent Trump Insider

Peter Thiel may be the world’s richest homosexual activist. He took the stage at the Republican National Convention on the final night to tear into the party’s very conservative platform. He mocked bathroom safety and rights of conscience. He is now a close confidant of President Elect Trump and this should concern every person of faith that values the First Amendment.
It is important however to note that the national and international homosexual activists groups declared him “not gay” because of his politics and his support for Trump. Make note that “gay” is no longer what you do in the bedroom and with whom (it never was), instead “gay” is a political movement who’s primary goal isn’t equality. It’s totalitarianism.
In the first book of the Bible there’s a wedding between a man and a woman and in the final book of the Bible there’s a wedding between a bride and a bridegroom. Any attempt by any activist organization be it a legislature or a court, to redefine what marriage can be, must be rejected and outed as an assault on the fundamental tenants of Christianity.