Parkersburg Courageously Moves to Protect Women & Girls in Private Spaces

Parkersburg, WV.  On Tuesday August 8, in a courageous 6-3 bi-partisian effort, the majority of the city council in Parkersburg rejected an expansion of “civil” rights that would allow men to enter ladies’ showers and private bath areas. This was the latest attempt by West Virginia’s far left-leaning activists to install a sue and settle shakedown scheme to economically threaten faithful Christian business owners.

The council chose to reject the counterintuitive argument that their community would be better if only “trans” males were allowed to shower alongside little girls at school or the gym. Hurray for common sense. (U.S. News and World Report picked up the story.)

Unfortunately nine West Virginia cities (not 10), as the attached U.S. News and World Report attests, have made the wrong choice and have chosen to legally punish any business owner that demonstrates a traditional biblical approach in some of their business choices.

After months of anti-Christian bigotry, including death threats against it’s council members, the intentionally vague city ordinance was killed by six courageous bi-partisian city council members.

A clear message was sent by West Virginia’s third largest city to the disrupters. – We are on to you-. Shame on you for exploiting the awful concept of discrimination to further a leftist political goal of economic extortion.

Other West Virginia cities may now look to Parkersburg for leadership when faux-civil rights lobbying groups like Fairness West Virginia and the D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, come to town demanding “equality.”

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council said, “Our job is to pull back the veil of deception so our elected officials can see the truth. Once all the emotional antics and the false stories of economic doom are exposed as falsehoods, then reasonable people see that neither equality nor defending vulnerable citizens is the goal of these types of ordinances.”

The painfully glaring dichotomy is that those among us who struggle with gender confusion demand that we accept them. But they refuse to accept themselves as God created them in His image.

Whitt, “Preying on the good nature of many of West Virginia’s local city councilmen, these astro-turf groups (funded by anti-family billionaires in Denver and D.C.) descend onto our towns and cities. They take a locust-style approach of impacting social policy. “They consume the good will of well-intentioned officials and exploit the council’s resources and time. With an ever-increasing volume of shrill rhetoric they may achieve their goal of forcing radical policy on people who don’t want it. Then like locusts they move on to the next city leaving a damaged and divided community behind.”

“The parroted talking points are always the same,” says Whitt, who’s organization has been the primary opponent to these unconstitutional city ordinance efforts in West Virginia. “They label anyone a bigot who refuses to affirm same-sex relationships as normative. Change your religion or be cast as unwelcoming stone-age throwbacks if you dare prefer dignity and privacy for women in private spaces.”

A common argument that LGBT activists use to mislead local politicians… claim their city is losing the “best and brightest” from their workforce. ‘The creative and talented LGBT work force is fleeing to other states because they they don’t have the right to sue same-sex marriage opponents in your town.’ Fix that and the best and brightest will stay and your town will economically flourish. Never mind that Americans identifying as LGBT make up less than 3% of the population and regardless of your view on the issue their numbers can have little economic impact either way.

Still they demand city council’s tear apart the cultural fabric of their communities and re-sew it with rainbow-colored thread. It’s a sad reality that those with same-sex attractions and gender identity disorders suffer from one of the highest rates of psychological distress of any tracked group in the world. The painfully glaring dichotomy is that those among us who struggle with gender confusion demand that we accept them. But they refuse to accept themselves as God created them in His image.

Another oft-heard talking point…blame the elevated suicide rate of LGBT people on the lack of acceptance by America and specifically by Christians. This rhetoric has been highly effective with many ill-informed but compassionate office holders.

But a recent study in the socially leftist country of Sweden exposes that heart-wrenching plea as an intentionally misleading and manipulative lie. The Scandinavian country of Sweden fully embraced trans activism more than a decade ago. And here’s a talking point you won’t hear from LGBT activists. Even after policy change and national acceptance the suicide rates of “gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans” citizens in Sweden, are virtually the same as here.

Phase B of the effort to get these ordinances passed. Make threats. It’s common to hear threats at city council open forums.  Such as – if ____ fill-in-the-blank, doesn’t follow San Francisco or Charleston’s lead on equality then the economic losses will be staggering.

But the opposite is in fact true. Three states, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina (and perhaps soon to be Texas) have passed laws banning local municipalities from enacting these types of anti-business social policy. But never do you hear the activists reference that Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina lead the country in economic growth. Intentionally misleading news reports by LGBT allies report  lost revenue from concerts and sports games and canceled “ghost” conventions that were never coming anyway. It’s all much ado about nothing.

Indiana tourism had it’s best year ever after passing a law that defends Christians against these ordinances. North Carolina is second only to Texas in growth despite an LGBT-led effort to punish them for protecting women and girls in private spaces. Tennessee has had a Commerce Improvement Act for six years that protects their businesses against LGBT economic extortion yet Nashville is doing just fine. The percentage of homosexual citizens, (those whom the activists refer to as “the best and brightest,”) continue on to Nashville despite Tennessee having the strongest law in America protecting religious freedom and business independence.

But right now in West Virginia nine cities have created disincentives to new multi-location industries. It’s a negative factor for those considering expansion into the Mountain State.

With multiple different types of city ordinances each new company is forced to go to the added expense of training their employees to engage customers and employees differently depending on which location they happen to be working at that day. If even one entry-level employee makes a mistake then boom, trial lawyers who are in support of these new lawsuit friendly ordinances, will cry discrimination and bleed business for millions. That’s a major step back toward’s West Virginia’s perennial status as a “judicial hellhole.”

The only enlightened, business-friendly position is a vigorous rejection of these local lawsuit bonanzas.

Thankfully the City of Parkersburg joined Beckley and Elkins (who have publicly rejected similar ordinances,) along with the 196 other West Virginia cities that continue to wisely abide by current state law. In doing so Parkersburg’s women and girls can still enter a gym shower or changing area without the fear that some dude in a dress is eye-balling them or potentially worse.

It’s important to point out that these LGBT activists who are making demands on West Virginia’s city councils aren’t just interested in marriage equality fyi. They are also likely to sympathize with the ANTIFA (the violent anti-facist protestors that we just saw in Charlottesville, VA.)  They are also likely to support policy promoted by animal rights groups like PETA and pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood. And they are 420-friendly and support pro-marujuana legalization. It helps to understand the core principles of any activists.

These pro-non-descrimination ordinance proponents don’t just want a city’s fabric re-sewn with rainbow thread. They want hemp-based, #notmyPresident, #noAnimalTesting, abortion on demand rainbow thread.

Next up will be the introduction of the West Virginia Women’s Privacy and Protection Act during 2018’s legislative session. That bill will restore a positive business-friendly climate to all 204 West Virginia cities, not just the current 196. There’s enough votes in both legislative houses to pass it but “Republican” Senate President Mitch Carmichael, a long-time advocate for the trial attorney-friendly ‘gay-rights’ ordinances, has vowed to block it. In 2016 Carmichael was heralded as the favorite LBGT-friendly legislator of the year for killing West Virginia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The passage or failure of the Women’s Privacy and Protection Act will likely be determined by the Wyoming and Raleigh county state senators Sue Cline and Jeff Mullins. If those two choose to defend the privacy and protection of women and girls in private spaces, then the measure has a chance to become law. If they side with Senate President Mitch Carmichael again, as they both did during last November’s Republican caucus vote, (the vote that gave Carmichael the senate gavel in the first place,) then women and girls will not be protected in any city that has adopted one of these perilous “non-discrimination” ordinances.