Parkersburg Citywide Prayer Service Organized by Chief of Police Goes Viral 73,000 Views

Police Chief Joe Martin recently called for people in his city to pray. So Saturday July 15th in Parkersburg, approximately 1000 citizens gathered at the Pointe along the Ohio River, to pray for their city and sing praise songs to God. Attendees prayed, sang along with a praise band and took holy communion. More than 20 pastors from area churches attended or led the group in various times of prayer. The Family Policy Council posted a short video of the inspirational event that immediately went viral on Facebook. Click photo for video

More than 42,000 people had already viewed the two-minute montage in the first 48 hours. The video includes Police Chief Martin giving his short testimony of how faith in Jesus Christ redeemed his own life that had previously been “jacked up.”

The event and video have been so well received that efforts are underway by The Family Policy Council to inspire and coordinate other similar events in other West Virginia cities. Click Here if you’d like to donate $20.00 to that effort.

Martin was clear that the event had nothing to do with anything going on currently at the Parkersburg city government. However Parkersburg’s faithful have for months been embroiled in the controversy that five of the nine city council members may soon vote for a new city ordinance that would allow men into ladies rooms, gym lorckerrooms and showers. The ordinance would also remove the First Amendment rights of business owners to live and operate their businesses according to their faith.

Several pastors and business owners who oppose the new ordinance are presenting reasons for the city council to reject it on Tuesday night July 25th. The room is expected to be packed with citizens opposing the loss of their freedoms if it passes.