Parkersburg City Council Quietly Considers Opening Public Ladies’ Rooms to Male Transgendered City Employees

Parkersburg City Council Can’t Seem to Leave Well Enough Alone – New LGBTQAI Employee Manual Would Open Public Ladies’ Rooms to Transgendered Male City Employees

March 15, 2018- A proposed men-in-ladies-room ordinance was defeated last year at the Parkersburg City Council. It failed because of an outpouring of public opposition that was organized in less than 48 hours after the city’s intent was published in the local paper.

Last year’s pro-homosexual rights ordinance would have elevated a person’s sexual behavior and sexual identity up to the same level of protection as their race. It would have opened city-owned facilities and forced private businesses¬†to open facilities historically reserved for women and girls like locker rooms, shower rooms and ladies’ rooms,¬†to males who self-identify as a sex other than male.

Now it seems the council is bowing to the LGBTQAI activists pressure¬†and trying to appease them by reengaging in social engineering. This time by considering changing employment handbooks to add unconstitutional protective¬†LGBTQAI language, similar to the language that the city has now quietly added to their job’s website.

The Parkersburg City Council members contact information is here.

Last year LGBTQAI zealots failed to intimidate a majority of council members to pass their citywide ordinance. It went so far that it would have forced private businesses, even those that deal with spiritual and religious matters, to hire employees engaging in behavior that offended the owners and ran counter to the mission of the business.

Here’s an example:¬†Funeral home sued after refusing to hire a man wearing a dress while he presided over your grandmother’s funeral.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia just learned this week that sometime in 2017, that the city added sexual orientation and gender identity to the non-descrimination terms on their recruiting web site. That was certainly inappropriate without notifying the public. The conflicting policy language could impact the public and should be removed. But apparently even that gesture wasn’t enough apparently for the LGBTQAI¬†activists. And the city should learn something from that.

Most of Parkersburg’s city council members simply want to do the right thing for everyone. But they continue to get relentless, weekly pressure and misinformation from¬†LGBTQAI activists. Now that misinformation is being mixed with a threat of lost Federal grants if the city doesn’t formally add¬†LGBTQAI¬†protections to their employee manual as well.¬†(Click Link for the local news story discussing this.)

However, the public should understand that the overriding dangers of this change to a city manual, are not dissimilar to last year’s NDO (non-discrimination ordinance)

If the city adopts the new LGBTQAI activist language it would reopen the bathroom concern and it would legally suspend the First Amendment rights of religious expression and free speech, for all city employees. Just take a look at what happened to African-American Fire Chief Kelvan Cochran, when his employer, the city of Atlanta, adopted a similar policy. After 30 years of service he was deemed unfit to continue to serve because he wrote a Bible-study book that referenced the biblical model for marriage.

Though the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that the State shall not adopt a formal religion. It’s past time to label¬†LGBTQAI Activism as the¬†new defacto state religion. And it continues to find a back door into the city government in Parkersburg and other West Virginia cities. After last years defeat, the¬†LGBTQAI¬†zealots refused to stop pushing for the City of Parkersburg to reverse course. But when the council held strong to their decision to keep the city safe, and keep the NDO dead, the activists changed strategies.

They began to urge the city council to adopt similar policies but only at city facilities. ‘Just change Parkersburg’s employment policy to include the unconstitutional hiring and employment “protections” that were included in last years defeated NDO.’ Council members have been misled by activists that this is much different than the NDO. ‘This change would be ok, it’s the least you could do for the LGBTQAI community since you wouldn’t¬†give us anything we wanted last time.’ ‘Hey council members, don’t worry about upsetting the preachers, you wouldn’t be forcing this onto private citizens.’ This “much-needed change” would only impact vulnerable LGBTQAI¬†city employees against the “ever-present specter” of discrimination. (2017 no cases, no complaints!)

Unfortunately the mayor and some well-intentioned council members are being led into a¬†hypocrisy¬†trap. The added website language is concerning in and of itself. But if the city moves forward with the “needed” protections for their own employees how could they possibly deny those same “needed” protections to the public on a future NDO vote.

This same approach has been used in multiple cities across America.¬†LGBTQAI activists always seek out the tender-hearted, the kind and compassionate members. And every time, if not educated, they are exploited via their merciful¬†temperaments. And to be clear LGBTQAI activism about employment policy is never about protecting against discrimination. It’s always about silencing opposition within a city’s employee base.

Sometimes the Family Policy Council in whichever state where this exploitation is occurring, can educate the council and their eyes are opened about how they are being misled by skilled lobbyists. But no one, especially merciful folks, like to be told they’ve been suckered. They are passionate people and sometimes they dig their heels in and even blame us as being the source of their stressful situation.

But if you want to see real stress just watch if sexual orientation and gender identity are added to the city policy. Then when an employee expresses any moral or religious objections to same-sex relationships or transgendered behaviors, while at work, an LGBTQAI activist employee will complain and will get the religious employee fired. Every faithful city employ will live under that stress every day, or be forced to quit. Eventually faithful citizens who hold such backwards views on marriage and sexuality will be discouraged from applying for city jobs altogether.

In some cases, if the city refuses to fire the “bigoted” employee,¬†the¬†LGBTQAI¬†employee could sue the fellow employee for discrimination and¬†the city for creating a hostile work environment. So this proposed employee policy change by the Parkersburg City Council members, would bring significant financial liability. ¬†LGBTQAI activist groups have a proven record of filing malicious, fraudulent and harassing litigation against fellow employees and against cities.

The proposed internal employee policy would again elevate homosexual and transgender behavior to the level of a civil right, which neither the West Virginia nor the U.S. Constitutions do.

So shouldn’t this enormous topic be left to Congress and the West Virginia legislature, instead of a local city council with little expertise in civil rights law and legislation?

The employee manual change would make homosexuality and transgenderism equal to race and religion. This misguided attempt to appease activists will instantly threaten bathroom safety again. Only this time the threat would be limited to male city employees who identify as female or non-male, using public facilities. But the proposed changes will also threaten any other city employee’s employment if they verbally dissent from this terrible social policy.

The impact of this dangerous proposal would indeed still be forced onto private citizens. It would be forced onto them potentially every time a woman or girl needs to come to a city facility to conduct business, and uses the restroom. Private citizens would feel the impact at city hall, at city facilities like park bathrooms or city pools. All these and others are places where a female citizen might encounter a male city employee entering ladies’ rooms, locker rooms or showers. And Parkersburg’s female city employees would live every work-day with the reality that a male may be in the shower or bath stall right next to them.

The LGBTQAI¬†pitch that this new city employee policy wouldn’t force anything onto the citizenry is a blatant lie.

Allen Whitt, ¬†President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia. Has provides organizational assistance on these matters to West Virginia citizen’s opposition groups, like Parkersburg’s, Liberty PKB.¬†Whitt said, “The mayor vocally opposed last year’s ordinance and the majority of the council wisely sided with him 7-2. We praised him for his bold and correct leadership. And we had hoped that the mayor’s decision was based on the defense of the Constitution and the science of this issue.”¬†

Want details of that science? click here.

The science has all but proven that homosexual behavior and gender dysphoria are environmentally impacted behavioral patterns. And behaviors are not like the immutable, (unchangeable) traits within a person, like¬†an¬†individual‚Äôs race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.¬†Those are protected by the Supreme Court’s Civil Rights decision in 1964. Sexual behavior does not qualify as an immutable trait and certainly doesn’t warrant a special category of protection in a city employee manual.

But the mayor and some of the other members that opposed the¬†Non-Discrimination Ordinance last year, are being barraged with misinformation appealing to their compassion and their generally good intentions.¬†LGBTQAI¬†activists know if they can get the council members to wrongly believe that there’s an “us” and a “them,” within the Parkersburg City Employees culture, then the moral argument of “we should protect them” surely must apply right?

If truly there’s a vulnerable “LGBTQAI -them” then they need to be protected against the “religious bigots -us, right?”¬†But that simply isn’t true. There is no them and us.¬†It’s all an us!

Current city employee policy protects everyone equally. There are no complaints, no situations where someone who wants to fill pot holes for the city is being turned away because of their sexual behavior outside of work. Every man, every woman, every religious person, every non-religious person are all treated fairly and equally. But if the city adds those four words to policy, then they become a legal hammer for one “offended” employee to use to bludgeon another. Why? For expressing their religious beliefs about marriage while they talk to their wife on the phone at work, for simple safety concerns among female employees or perhaps even for something as contrived as creating a hostile work environment by not praising your coworker’s desk photo including her same sex partner, “when everyone else did.”

Whitt also said, “We agree the city should hire the best person for any city job based on their qualifications alone. And we promote the Christian ethic that every person deserves to be treated with dignity. But the City Council of Parkersburg should not be buckling to LGBTQAI¬†zealotry¬†that intentionally misrepresents facts. There is no Federal grant money at stake, the new Trump administration has seen to that.”

There are no West Virginia laws that recognize these two behavioral patterns as a civil right and nobody is going to keep any money from a city because they don’t have those patterns protected. If that were true 99.9 percent of cities in the country would be in trouble. 99.9 is a rough guess but only a tiny percentage of American cities have gone out of their way to add that unconstitutional language.

The clear reality is that the city’s employment policies already protect all employees. But it rightfully does not protect all behaviors. If the city formally adopts LGBTQAI protective language into his personnel handbook, any Christian, Muslim or Orthodox Jewish employees who speak their beliefs about marriage, could be disciplined or fired. Being overheard by an¬†LGBTQAI¬†employee, defining marriage as exclusively as between a man and a woman could be a violation of the handbook policy. An employee could lose their job, reputation and pension.

This type of action would likely trigger a class-action civil rights lawsuit against the city very much like the one we mentioned earlier and just won by Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvan Cochran. Thankfully Christians and people of faith worldwide now have several legal resources to defend themselves against wrong-headed policy by cities.

The Family Policy Council encourages any city employee in fear of their constitutional rights to seek out free legal council. We recommend a couple of our legal partners and can put you in touch with them. Alliance Defending Freedom @ADFLegal and First Liberty both specialize in the denial of religious freedom and freedom of speech by municipalities. In some situations a pre-enforcement suit can be filed against a city before they can use unconstitutional policy to fire you. Both faith-based national law firms represent victims of faith and speech litigation and their efforts often result in large settlements against city and state governments who have wrongly adopted policy in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and then used it to punish employees.

In the time of the #METOO movement against sexual misconduct in the workplace it’s inconceivable that a city would consider adopting employment policy that could create situations where both male and female employees could be disrobed in the same room. But the proposed policy change would create a dynamic where if one of the male LGBTQAI¬†city employees was denied access to a women’s restroom by a female employee, then the female employee could possibly be terminated for violating the new¬†LGBTQAI city policy.

The ultimate goal of these new LGBTQAI city policies are all the same. And that goal is to silence ANY opposition voices, all the better if those silenced voices come from city, county, state or Federal employees with authority. The day the last vocal Christian is forced from public office or civil service will be the day of the largest most offensive (caution before clicking this link) LGBTQAI Pride Parade that the world has ever seen.

Only three of Parkersburg’s city council members ran knowing they would be pushing this LGBTQAI activism. We doubt the others had any idea they would be in the middle of this cultural battle. But foresight or not, each city council member must now do the right thing. The loudest voices to the Parkersburg City Council members so far are the LGBTQAI¬†activists. But…

The voice of the majority of the citizens oppose this.

The voice of the majority of the city employees oppose this.

The voices of four out of nine U.S. Supreme Court justices (soon to be five out of nine,) oppose this.

And the voice of the U.S. Constitution opposes this policy.

All these are speaking in harmony to the city council of Parkersburg. Don’t be bullied into bad policy that discriminates against one group of employees in the name of not discriminating against another “group” of employees.

Whether you live in Parkersburg or not, call the council. Be polite when you do, most of them are very stressed by being caught in the middle. But tell them to leave this bad policy well enough alone.

City employees deserve to keep their First Amendment right of religious expression and their rights of free speech.

The citizens deserve safety from sexually confused city employees.

And the citizenry as a whole deserves to not have their taxpayer money wasted on the inevitable, frivolous and character assassinating lawsuits that this employee policy change will certainly bring.

The Parkersburg City Council members contact information is here.

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