One-Hundred Conservative West Virginia Women Sign Petition Condemning Ads Attacking Morissey

The West Virginia primary campaigns are in full swing and The Family Policy Council had hoped that the candidates vying for nominations to the Republican seats would keep ads truthful and clean. But today we saw a press release

where one-hundred Republican conservative women had signed a petition condemning political ads by U.S.  Senate candidates, Congressman Evan Jenkins and Don Blankenship. The ads are critical of Attorney General Patrick Morissey’s wife and the women felt both candidates owe an apology to Mrs. Morissey, and felt the attacks are unbecoming of U.S. Senate candidates. A copy of the release can be seen here.

The Family Policy Council engaged state-wide in 2014 to help Shelly Moore Capito win her senate seat. But we would be hard pressed to dedicate similar resources to a Republican candidate that we feel plays hard and fast with the truth in the Republican primary. So we encourage tighter, cleaner messaging from all candidates in the remaining month of the primaries.