Nov. 18. 2019 Free Movie Event “8 Days” South Charleston

End Sex Trafficking Of Our Children

November 18, 2019 @ 6:30pm
Doors open at 6:00pm
LaBelle Theater, South Charleston, WV

Did you know the average age of someone being trafficked is 12 years old?

Teachers, Administrators, Resource Officers, and other school personnel are frequently the first line of defense against sex trafficking.  Join us for this important event to learn about human trafficking, how it happens, how to identify, and how to get help.

Guests include Jaco Booyens, an international trafficking abolitionist, who will be the keynote speaker and joined by associates of the West Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

Light snacks and drinks provided.

This event is not sponsored or endorsed by Kanawha County Schools.

JACO BOOYENSAfter Eden Pictures

Advisory Board Member Traffick911
Board member
Eden Green Technology Chairman

More about Jaco Booyens
“8 Days”  Official Trailer
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Melody and Rob Potter
West Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force
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