North Carolina Bans Men in Ladies’ Rooms with New State Law

…North Carolina accomplished yesterday what West Virginia’s legislature has failed to do in two consecutive sessions. In a single day the legislature of North Carolina protected it’s women and girls from predators and stopped fraudulent lawsuits against businesses and churches. Those dangers were about to invade the Tarheel state like they’ve invaded 8 cities in West Virginia. Charlotte’s renegade city council last month passed a city ordinance. It gave special protections to men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women and even people who have sex with whatever sex is in front of them at the moment. It also gave men who believe they are women the protected right to enter a little girl’s restroom or locker room with the threat that a business or church could be sued if they denied him entrance.

West Virginia’s legislators especially in the senate have repeatedly rejected bills and ignored resolutions that would allow all unnamedour citizens the chance to vote on a state ballot to ban this cancerous creep in the Mountain State. Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael and Kanawha Senator Chris Walters have consistently defended cities’ rights to allow males into ladies rooms. Both are up for election and Carmichael has a republican primary opponent, Dustin Lewis from Cottageville, WV. In opposition to Carmichael’s votes, Lewis has promised to vote to protect women and children if elected in the 4th state senate district.



North Carolina Bans Men in Ladies Rooms

In a Glorious and Swift Single-day Move NC Legislature & Governor Protect Girls


After the governor of North Carolina failed to call a special session, the legislature called themselves into session to address the growing scourge of activism that’s exposing our nation’s women and girls in restrooms, gyms and school lockerrooms. 

West Virginia’s legislature has failed two consecutive years to protect our own girls, women and businesses. In 2015 House Bill HB2881 would have accomplished that in the Mountain State. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael expressed to the media that, “the senate on this side has no appetite for taking up any bill that takes away “gay rights.”” After those comments the bill was sent back to house committee where it died.

This session in 2016 HB4012, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, would have provided a balancing test and therefore some protection against the unconstitutional persecution brought about by sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances now in effect in eight West Virginia cities. However Senator Carmichael along with Senator Chris Walters passionately lobbied the floor to do away with the protections and defend the outrageous city ordinances. Walters accused the Family Policy Council of fighting these ordinances for no other reason than to sue West Virginia cities for financial gain.

Both Carmichael and Walters are up for election. Carmichael’s Republican primary opponent Dustin Lewis, has stated he will vote to ban these ordinances if elected. Walters has no primary but his general election opponent Glenn Jefferies is a Sunday School teacher and will act to prevent men in ladies’ rooms and little girls’ locker rooms at their elementary schools.

Also in the 2016 session a bill numbered SJR13 – Senate Joint Resolution 13, would have been similar to the actions North Carolina just took. Except that SJR13 would have allowed for our state’s citizens to vote this November on a statewide ballot. Everyone could have voted to prevent renegade city councils from enacting ordinances that grant special privilege based on someone’s sexual behavior. The senate leadership chose not to even consider the bill in committee. It therefore died, no protections.

All of the below cities have passed similar ordinances and 150,000 West Virginians currently live under their oppression. There’s constant threat of legal suit if a person, business or church is found in violation of their broadly written “anti-discrimination” language.

Harpers Ferry
Charles Town

Several other West Virginia cities are being targeted by the “gay rights” activist group Fairness West Virginia, to add sexual orientation and gender identity/gender expression as a protected class. These are the greatest threat to religious freedom in the country right now and they must be banned in our state just like North Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee have done. If people of faith don’t engage this election cycle to change the members of our senate leadership, then our citizens and businesses will eventually become refugees headed down I-77 seeking sanctuary in North Carolina. Until we get those changes you might want to take a trip south this summer into North Carolina and enjoy your vacation knowing that all public restrooms THERE are now safe. Take a look at what their new law does:

Here is the ratified version of North Carolina’s House Bill 2–Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which was skillfully crafted and effectively:

  • Establishes a statewide policy for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities;
  • Establishes a statewide policy regarding public accommodations; and
  • Clarifies state law regarding employment and contracting by preempting cities and counties from:
    • enacting ordinances and regulations on employers regarding employee wages and hours;
    • requiring private contractors to abide by local regulation of their employment practices or local mandates with respect to the provision of goods, services or public accommodations;
    • establishing classifications for protection in employment discrimination beyond the state classifications of race, religion, color, national origin, age, biological sex, or handicap.

(click here or the green map to read the NC Family Policy article)

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