New Public School Rule Allows Students to Self-Identify Gender and Race..Without Parents’ Knowledge

Could the left-leaning West Virginia Senate leadership attempt to adopt this unthinkable policy? Watch this Fox News video as the Delaware Family Policy Council fights back against a new public school rule that allows students to self-identify gender and race without parents’ knowledge. That’s right your male Asian kindergartener could get dropped off at school and without a parent’s knowledge he could be treated as an African-American female child while at public school during the day because the parents have been deemed “not an ally” of LGBT or “transracial” choice!

This is why all of the forty-one state Family Policy Councils advocate for public school choice. West Virginia is one of only seven states where parents have no choice in their public school options. If just two more Republican members in the West Virginia House Education Committee would vote for our proposed school bill then parents could take back some of their state tax money and apply it to private or religious school tuition or homeschool expenses. It’s time to pass school choice in West Virginia and provide parents with a way out of the insanity that Delaware public school parents are already facing.