Morgantown Votes Unanimously to Allow Men Into Ladies Rooms

Morgantown City Council voted unanimously last week to allow men into ladies’ rooms and to punish any business that dares to refuse even on private property.

President Allen Whitt spoke against the ordinance but only after homosexual activists initially blocked the entrance to the council chambers in an attempt to prevent him from being the first speaker.

Activists in attendance were so shrill and agitated that one small “male” actually filed a police report claiming that he had been semi-assaulted as President Whitt was forced to politely squeeze his way back through a dozen ordinance supporters to speak to the council. The officer interviewed President Whitt about the assault claim and appropriately rolled his eyes as Whitt explained the contrived accusation.

Another prominent homosexual activist supporting Fairness West Virginia, who was also an agitator at Fairmont’s council vote, intentionally dumped a bag full of equipment in-front of a elderly, disabled Family Policy Council volunteer as the council doors were opened in an attempt to prevent her from entering the council chamber to voice her opposition.

Whitt offered commentary to an AP reporter on the significance of these types of outrageous actions by LGBTQAI activists, including votes for these ordinances by rogue city councils.

“The ordinance passed by Morgantown and a select number of other cities is clearly unconstitutional and has been rendered unenforceable in several other cities. Madison WI and East Lansing, MI both saw court defeats of the enforcement of their ordinances in the last month alone. The Morgantown ordinance and others violate the first amendment rights of free speech and religious expression.

Morgantown will also see a court challenge to their intentionally vaguely-written ordinance. There’s a reason the three states of TN, AR and NC have banned these types of governmental overreach ordinances and why dozens more laws will be introduced in other states, including West Virginia, next legislative session.

To label these ordinances as tools for non-discrimination does a disservice to every African-American, Jew and Catholic who fought against true discrimination. They also have nothing truly to do with human rights. Every citizen should be treated with dignity but not every citizen’s behavior is dignified and the government has no authority to remove that determination from business owners. These ordinances are little more than sue and settle shakedown schemes being passed almost universally by democrats to silence dissent to the LGBTQAI agenda.

Universally these ordinances fail to define what LGBTQAI even means and nothing more than self-identification is necessary for a citizen to qualify for these new elevated, ordinance protections?

They should be rejected by every city and state because they discriminate against diversity of thought. They are examples of political bullying and liberal city council thuggery at its worst.

Regardless the Supreme Court will decide this issue for the nation in the Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado case currently before them. The Supreme Court set precedent on this type of case in their 1943 West Virginia v. Barnett decision. Paraphrased -Government neither small nor large shall have the right to determine matters of opinion or religion nor shall they punish those who act according to their religious beliefs.”