🚨 Update: Event Canceled!🚨 Morgantown City Library Failed to Notify Parents of Drag Queen’s Criminal History Before Storytime

We have just learned that the event has been canceled. Praise God. Organizers claim the drag queens were getting death threats. We don’t believe that for a second. Once the criminal record of the drag queen was publicized, the event would have been a public relations disaster for LGBT activists, the library and Delegate Danielle Walker. VICTORY! But stay vigilant.

Nov. 15, 2019 Morgantown

Morgantown Public Library has scheduled a controversial event called Drag Queen Story time for November 16, 2019 at 10am. These events are part of a nationwide activist movement to expose children to men who dress flamboyantly as caricatures of women, while typically reading books about LGBT or Drag acceptance. Child protection and anti-child sex trafficking professionals have deemed these types of events as grooming opportunities by older gay males with innocent children.

Many have called Drag Queens the new blackface where males wrongly appropriate women by pantomiming female personas. It’s only fair to then ask if the Morgantown City Library would also host and promote a caucasian in blackface, reading to children about the civil rights movement?

Regardless of one’s views on LGBT activism and the purpose of this event, it has become apparent that the Morgantown City Library failed to inform parents that the primary Drag Queen reader has an admitted criminal record, and a sordid past. 

It’s unclear if a thorough or any background check was done on the Drag performers, by the library, including any aliases, before scheduling and promoting the event. If a check was actually completed, then the library and its facilitating House Delegate Danielle Walker, failed to notify the community and parents, that one of Saturday’s scheduled performers, sometimes known as Paul Liller, has a criminal record.

The library has scheduled drag performers Dimitri Blackwell aka Liller, and Robin Hearts-Love, to read to children at this Saturday’s event. The event is sponsored by Blackwell Industries, owned by Dimitri Blackwell, aka Paul Liller.  

Robin performed at a political campaign fundraiser this August for local Delegate Danielle Walker (WV-51st).  Delegate Walker publicly takes credit for bringing the Drag Queen story time to the public library.

It has now been discovered that Dimitri Blackwell, aka Paul Liller, has a rap sheet in Maryland.  

Among his criminal charges: while Paul Liller was the Gay Pride Coordinator in Baltimore, Liller was arrested, charged and pled quilty to, stealing thousands of dollars from that LGBTQ activist organization.

Paul Liller aka Dimtria Blackwell, also appears to be known as Paul Blackwell.  If the Morgantown City Library is going to host children’s events, then it has a duty to perform thorough background checks and then prevent any individuals with a criminal record from exposing that element to innocent children.

Pushing a socially liberal LGBT agenda to adults using public resources is inappropriate, but exposing children to it, using a highly controversial method does not meet the “good faith” standard for public employees. 

In addition, if the Morgantown City Library knew about Liller’s criminal record and proceeded with the event anyway, then that is an egregious misuse of public tax dollars and a breach of community trust. Dismissals and reduction in library funding should be considered. 

Sadly it is just the latest in revelations about these drag queen events across the country where performers have been discovered to have criminal records, including sexual crimes against children. 

Now readily-available documentation shows that the Morgantown City Library either deliberately or through negligence, failed to inform parents and the community, that an individual scheduled to read to children, is an admitted criminal.

Any implicated staff members should lose their jobs. They have failed the children, failed the parents and even failed the LGBTQ community they claim to be promoting. 

In light of the credible evidence exposing Liller’s criminal record, the Morgantown City Library should cancel the Drag Queen Story time scheduled for Saturday, before Liller’s criminal element is exposed to innocent children.

Also, Delegate Daniele Walker continues to urge people to show up to support this event. She should come clean to the public on if, and when she knew about Liller’s criminal record.


Contacts: Cindy Frich (304) 599-1309