More than 85% of our endorsed candidates won their races in 2020


The Family Policy Council of West Virginia saw more than 85% of our endorsed candidates win their races in 2020–that’s great news for all West Virginians! But we believe it’s necessary to enlighten voters about who else got elected. Many Republicans are only interested in bills that deal with taxes or guns and are either indifferent towards or afraid of bills that protect religious liberty. Even with 77 red seats in the state House now, that color red doesn’t run as deep as Republican voters thought it would this session.

The West Virginia Legislature is halfway through its 85th session. There are more than 20 newly elected members, mostly conservative. But although the 100-seat House of Delegates in Charleston looks substantially more conservative on election paper than it did in 2020, it’s not behaving substantially more conservatively.

Republican primary voters were largely ignorant of the policy positions many Republican candidates held, and the typical voter asked candidates zero questions, completely trusting the red color of their jerseys. Most knew little about the Republican they voted for other than recognizing their campaign signs in a neighbor’s yard.