Michigan Officials Cave, Seek to Put Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Under, Promote Gay Adoption Instead

Michigan caved. It’s what happens when you let a Democrat win the Attorney General’s race in your state. ClickPhotoForFullStory

In September 2017, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) filed suit against the State of Michigan on the behalf two same-sex couples and a woman who was once in Michigan’s foster care system.

The suit maintained that both “state-contracted” and “tax-funded” (which includes faith-based organizations) child placement agencies unconstitutionally used sex-orientation religious criteria to exclude LBGT couples and individuals from fostering and adopting children.

On Friday, the Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel and the ACLU attorneys reached a settlement…click for full story.

It should be noted that Tennessee and Arkansas currently have legislation making its way through the legislative process to allow an exemption for state-funded agencies to prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children based on religious beliefs.

Currently, Alabama and Texas have legislation that allows religious organizations an exemption to prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children.