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The Family Policy Council of West Virginia exists to positively influence our laws, our lawmakers and our state elections to defend our constitutional right of religious freedom.  

We appreciate the support of our members in advancing the efforts of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia throughout the state. We are nonpartisan and will engage to promote or removed from office both Democrats and Republicans depending on their voting record or public policy positions and that takes resources. We’d be honored if you contribute to our efforts to defend faith, family and freedom.

How to Become a Supporting Partner

Since our founding in 2006 dozens of supporting churches have backed the efforts of the 501-C4 Family Policy Council of West Virginia. Hundreds more individuals have given sacrificially to FPCWV or to the 501-C3 Family Policy Institute. Email info@FamilyPolicyWV.com to be added to our email list or click the handshake to make a donation and be automatically added to our insiders list of supporting partners.